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This is what happens…

This is what happens when WordPress changes its settings somehow, and you type a blog post for half an hour that is about how important it is to live in the moment and enjoy each day, and blah dee blah. And then you go to add a picture in the new settings, and you hit the damn button to publish it, and it doesn’t. It publishes a picture, and your entire blog post is gone. Gone. This is what happens:

Imagine me, yelling at my iMac, and ready to just give up. Until I remember. It’s November! It’s NaBloPoMo! And I won’t give up. Not on day one! No! Give me at least a week and a half for the wheels to fall off…

So instead of rewriting the poetic piece that was to come before this, I will just ramble on and on about frustrating things. I’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks, if I am being honest. And what do I want to do when I am frustrated? That’s right kiddies, I want to drink. A cocktail. Or seven. But I have been good and I have not had ONE cocktail through it all. I have cried. I have written. I have danced. I have listened to music in a very loud volume setting in my car on the way to work. I have done everything BUT what I want to do. And no, I don’t deserve a medal for this. I just need new ways to cope with stress and frustration. Life doesn’t always go as we want it, and we can’t spend every moment of frustration drowning in booze (or can we?). I have thrown myself into my classroom and my work with my students, which is a healthy distraction. I have focused on my kids and husband and how wonderful they are, which is healthy. I have decided to just let it go. As much as I can. We cannot control life; we can only control our reactions to it. And I have to remember that. It is not about the hand life deals us; life is about how we play the game.

You can never go wrong with this advice.

I like this mantra….

What’s yours? 🙂