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Sunday Night Sensationalism!

1. School started this week. The first week of classes were excellent. I have a seemingly solid group of students this semester. I know enough to know that things are not always what they seem, but I am pretty sure that this semester will be grand. I look forward to the sustainability lessons in class, the writing, the fun, and the adventure. As it is always an adventure to start out, right?

2. I also have another meeting on what I will call “Project Foot In the Door” on Friday and hope to solidify more things in that realm. Sorry to be so cryptic and weird; just know that I am working with one of the most amazing people to get my foot in the door in my forever career home at the school I work for. I will always be found in the classroom, but I also want to be found in other areas where I can put this Master’s degree, and my passion, to the best use. Keep your fingers crossed. Pray. Whatever. I am not above asking for good juju; I give it and welcome it.

3. Cae starts her new preschool Tuesday. I’m pretty excited about that. We have decided on the Montessori school for her. I feel it is the best fit for who she is, where she is in her growth, and what she can do. I’m anxious to see how things pan out.

4. Vacation was the week before last and was incredible. Oh my Lord, did I need that break. I wasn’t totally “off,” but I don’t know how to be. I definitely sat down though and reprioritized my life, and I was given a big old wake up call on what is important. Essentially, I know that my girls and my family need to come first, but in the big bad Career Chase, you can get swept up in other things. And I am not saying that I did not always have them at the top of my list, but sometimes it felt like other things came slightly before, and that is not good. So, it is family first, and I am making adjustments to my outlook accordingly. I will only get a short time to be their “Mommy,” and I will have forever to work my ass off. This is not to say I am resting on my laurels, at all, but I am doing everything I can to consciously make them the focus of all I do. Meetings on my days off? Can’t come unless I have a sitter or Shawn is home. No begging for sitters, feeling like I have to be at every meeting, answering every email at the sound of the ding… no more. They need me, and I need them. And that starts with me. I cannot lie: I am enjoying life a lot more now that I have shifted my focus. It took a week away from all of the…stuff…for me to come to this. I can hardly regret that decision, and I am fortunate that I am in a position right now to not have to be the main income. That is not a position I take lightly, or for granted.

5. We have been considering a third child. I know, I know. I’m THAT girl who was all, “I AM DONE FOREVER WITH THE BAYBEES AND THE BAYBEE THINGS AND BETTER YOU THAN ME, SUCKERS!” But, something about that week away made me feel… I don’t know… different about the whole thing. With family as the focus, and with both of us coming from families with more than two kids, it isn’t a foreign idea to us. I saw my kids in a way that is hard to describe. I saw my two girls playing together, laughing with their grandparents, and snuggling us tight. And without everything else I do to distract me 24/7, the overwhelming feeling of “I want another baby” kind of hit me. Again. And I shook it off, but that feeling is hard to deny. I don’t know per say that I am dying for another child, but I can see the benefits (and drawbacks, as I am not naive) of another. I have wrestled with this for a while, off and on, and over the spring we had a pregnancy moment where we thought I was, but luckily I wasn’t. And that was on top of the whole Easter Sunday, “YOU WILL HAVE A SON” thing where I heard a voice (God?) tell me that I would have a son. I laughed then, but it kind of keeps nagging at me. And since I did protest so much about a third, it is only right that I would want one now. Right? A few of my friends are pregnant with their third, or have had their third, and they are all decent people and aren’t batshit crazy… So. There’s that. I talked with the husband, and we agreed to not exactly try but not “not” try. If that makes sense. One month at a time is the plan. And we shall see. I may change my mind again, who knows. But all I know is that the feeling of “I am done” is now “I could be done, but maybe I don’t have to be.” And since nothing drastic has been done to make it a permanent decision as of yet, we have a little wiggle room. Who knows. I’m weird. The effects of another baby are always something to consider, but I don’t fret it. I have proven that I can handle anything I put my mind to, and I don’t worry about what I cannot control. Someone once told me, “worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair. You can do it over, and over, and over, but you still don’t get anywhere…” And that’s true. A few unknowns in the near future make me nervous (Hello, Election Season), but oddly enough, I am not afraid of the whole third kid thing. I’m not nervous. I know that all things happen as they should, and that we will be fine, with or without another child.

because there is no need to fear the future, or what it may bring…

Friday Night Wrap Up

I’d like to start adding these to my weekly posts because I always have these random thoughts that I’m like, “yeah, genius, blog about this.” And then I can never make it long enough for anyone to care to read. And then, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. So I will just add little weekly blips (aptly called ____day Wrap Up) in case I don’t write it on the same night every week. lol. I’m looking to be incredibly busy in the next few weeks, and with good reason.

1. I had a meeting at work today that was… just… ridiculously amazingly cool. And I don’t even think that it was something that meant as much to the other two women I met with as much as it meant to me. In short (because this is a wrap up after all), I wrote this ridiculously awesome (I don’t care if it sounds vain, it was a damn good paper) thesis/Capstone paper on bringing some specialized student support to the school where I teach. I have talked about this project to anyone who would listen (including the President of the college, whom I refer to as “my friend” though I don’t think she sees it quite like that, but who cares?) and I finally have a chance to make it a reality. You cannot possibly know what that means to me. I can’t even put into words what it means to me. Just know that I am so humbled, anxious, and frankly scared shitless because this is my chance to PROVE MYSELF and make things happen. And I intend to put my all into it. This is my baby step in the direction of my dreams, and I will not let myself, or anyone else, down.

2. My life is so incredibly amazing. I still have to pinch myself… a little over one year ago, I got hired for a position that I had no clue would lead me to this.. all of this. Greatness. Goodness. Passion. God has set me on a path of goodness and wonderful blessings, and I intend to never forget to honor Him. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here. And I believe that 100%. Had I not come back to Him, and allowed Him to take control of my life, I don’t know where I’d be. And that, my friends, is the most honest and humbling thing to know. And I do know it. And I am forever grateful.

3. I am the most prepared I have ever been at the earliest date ever for the fall semester. My syllabi are completed, course calendars are polished, and I am working on finalizing my lists I have for my students. It’s amazing what can happen when you are staring down the barrel of…

4. VACATION!! It’s upon us. We fly out to El Paso in a little over 24 hours, and I am SO READY for this. I have never admitted to needing a break so badly, but I do. And I mean it. I have worked myself to the bone all.freaking.year. and I am ready for a break. I plan on swimming, having fun, relaxing, dancing, laughing, drinking a little margarita action, shopping, and just…being. I haven’t “been” in… well.. a year, really. And I need to just be. I know I am not kidding myself, and I am taking some work with me (care of number one and number three up there) but I am not going to DO much of anything. It all requires reading. I can read all the time. I intend not to think about much except how good the sun feels, and how blue the Texas sky is…and how loved and blessed I am. All the time.

5. My girls are in this awesomely terrible stage of whining, fighting, and pushing each other’s buttons pretty much every hour they are awake. And it’s so annoying, but I now know what my mom went through with me and my little sister. I would like to think that she and I got along all the time, but I know better. I try to handle it with grace and understanding, but sometimes it’s so…constant and loud…that I raise my voice. I don’t yell, or holler, or scream. I just firmly let them both know that they are going to have to figure out how to get along, or the next 18-20 years will be terrible for both of them. It’s hard because Ellery is still in the whole “I’m 19 (!!!) months old, and I don’t care what you say about sharing and being nice because the world revolves around me and what I want” toddler phase. And Caelan is in the whole, “I know I need to be nice and share, but sometimes I just need to have my own stuff and space, and my little sister doesn’t understand it” phase. Any help/advice/wine is appreciated on this one, folk. I like to let them try to work it out, but it also doesn’t help that Caelan is mega intelligent and doesn’t get why Ellery doesn’t understand what she does. Reason number 5 why I am done having kids: Two is enough to make me want to drink wine at every meal, snack, potty break some days.

6. Cold Specks is my new favorite artist. Check her out. She is incredible. I cannot stop listening to her while I work. I am listening to her right now, as a matter of fact. “I predict a graceful expulsion…”

That’s it for now. I need to tidy up a bit and get ready for bed. The next 24 hours will go by too fast, and we will have to get up too early Sunday morning to get to the airport for a flight that is now over two hours earlier than the original flight I booked the first time… yeah. It won’t be pretty. But it will be vacation. And that, my friends, is all that matters.

It’s just so…. beautiful there.

You cannot argue with this beauty…

And I cannot wait to get there….

It’s summer! Pass the Kleenex!!

Hey friends. I bet you thought I left. Nope. I’ve been mega busy (who, me?) and haven’t had five seconds to really get around here. It’s not neglect if I had good intentions, right? 🙂

Anyway, what I’ve been up to has been a mix of bittersweet, LOVE, motivation, and sheer fun! I have cried more this summer so far than any other, and today’s the first official day! It’s been crazy. What has me interested in purchasing stock in Kleenex? A list…

1. Caelan graduated from her old preschool on June 5. And while I don’t want to get all mushy here and start crying again, just know that the whole experience this year has been bittersweet. She walked into that school building a shy, timid child who felt no control over her surroundings. She didn’t want to stay when it first started, and by June she didn’t want to leave. She had the best teacher I could have ever wanted for her, and she has become a close friend for both Caelan and me. I am so happy we decided to place her there, and I am so excited for her journey in Pre-K next year. I love you, Caelan!!

That’s my little graduate!

2. My sister married her wife in the most tear-filled, romantic, fun wedding I have ever been in. It was a marvelous day, even though Caelan had meltdowns due to being tired and hot. All of their friends and family were there to witness their love. I cried almost the whole time, off and on. I am so proud of her for standing up with her wife, and professing her forever love. And though Ohio doesn’t recognize it as legal (why not!? UGH!), I will stand proudly with them both when it becomes legal and support them, as I do now. Caelan was the flower girl (too cute). I was a bridesmaid (equally cute, as you will see in a minute). It was just a splendid day to celebrate love and all of its glory and splendor. I feel myself tearing up again, so I am going to stop here…

Cutest moment ever!!

The moment that made the entire place break down in sobs.. my sister and my dad….

The ridiculously happy couple…

The cutest couple ever!!

She’s not a diva, no really she’s not … lol

3. My sister in law finally had their baby girl, Zoe Elena! She’s perfect and wonderful. And I know I am totally done having kids because when I hold her, my uterus is juuuuust fine… 🙂

In other news, my summer class is going well. I love teaching and am at my best in the classroom most days.

I can’t believe it is almost July!! What has your summer looked like, kind reader? What’s still on tap for you?

Don’t tell me if you’re going somewhere exotic or international… unless you share pics so I can live vicariously through you…

*ALL IMAGES ARE MY PROPERTY! Using them without my permission will result in legal action taken against you. Play nice, friends.*

Truly Beyond my Expectations…

We spent the last two days at Kalahari Water Park and Resort, and let me tell you, when they claim things are “beyond your expectations” they do not lie. No, friends. This place is amazing. If you have never been, you need to go. It can be pricey, but I found a ridiculously good deal through http://www.travelzoo.com a while ago, and couldn’t pass it up. Anyway, I present you a laundry list.

Things That Were Beyond my Expectations

1. The facility: it was GORGEOUS. It is all African-themed and pretty much everything there comes from Africa some way, either originally or conceptually. There are hand-carved benches with animal shapes in them, masks, tapestries, rugs… everything. It is so amazing. And breath-taking. There are African animals peeking out (fake, of course) from every corner. The indoor waterpark is ridiculously awesome, but more on that in a minute. The artwork, the music, the ambiance… I dug it. Big time. I don’t care if it was all 100% authentic or not, the concept and the environment were enough to sell me on it. And the kids LOVED the animals everywhere. Caelan liked that all of the trash cans were animal print (because it takes next to nothing to excite and impress her), and Ellery said hello to and flirted with every animal and we heard, “LOOK!” about a zillion times from her. She really, really liked it.

2. The Water Park: mind you, my review of this is very limited. There were a lot of things we couldn’t do because the girls are too young/little. And a lot of things we could do, we just didn’t because the girls had no interest in them. This was definitely not a Mommy-Daddy trip. This one, we gave to the girls. The Lazy River is fabulous. We spent probably an hour and a half over two days there. It was the right speed for the girls and really thrilled them. The Wave Pool was fun. Ellery found out she can float on her own in the life jacket there. And Caelan discovered how tightly she could squeeze Shawn or me before we passed out. She was, let’s just say, less than a fan. She actually was, shockingly, less than a fan of all of the water stuff, which is odd since she loves water. But, I figured out why and will explain more on that in a bit. The Kiddie Pool area we were all big fans of. Both girls really enjoyed themselves. Caelan discovered her love for water slides that don’t involved many steps. And Ellery figured out she likes being squirted from the floor. LOL And she liked the slides, also. We spent pretty much the entire time we were there in the Kiddie area today. And I don’t care. My favorite part? Seeing them have fun.

3. The prices of food: Jeezy Chreezy, people. Take your own…everything. Next time I will also take my own food to make for meals. We didn’t eat anything but breakfast this morning on site, and thank god. Because I refuse to pay astronomical prices for things. However, I give a shout out to my Fletcher Friend for passing me the info about Danny Boys Italian Eatery, which is down the street from the Resort. Dude, GO THERE! LOVED their food, their service…everything. SO, so good. Souvenirs weren’t that expensive; they didn’t cost as much as I would have expected. However, note that we didn’t get any because on the way out of the door, I remembered we hadn’t gotten anything for the girls, but Ellery was sleeping ON Shawn’s face and I took that as a sign to save my money. 🙂 Bad Mommy? No. Caelan never once asked about getting anything. We had discussed getting souvenirs last night, but again, when the kid is sleeping, you leave. And no one argued.

4. The frustration I felt with Caelan and her ridiculousness: Caelan is a water baby. She always has been. She loves water. Pools. Tubs. Hoses. Water tables. Whatever. She loves them all. UNTIL they are immense and she has no control over what they do to her. She didn’t want to go near anything that splashed her. She didn’t want to get wet. She freaked out ALL afternoon yesterday (until I threatened to go home, Shawn reminded me *sort of kindly* that I was giving her what she wanted, so we stayed). She just..melted down. There is no other word for it. Well, I am also discovering I have little patience for the shenanigans and I was over it. There was a bit of voice-raising. There was a bit of stress. It wasn’t fun. She wanted to go back to our room; she wanted to be dry. Well, we still played in the water, and we went outside after to see the grounds and she found a playground she fell in love with. More on that in a minute. I discovered the source of the meltdowns: She wanted to be IN CONTROL of her wet. She didn’t want splashed today, but she wanted to be able to get wet by going down the slides. She didn’t want to be in the wave pool because she had no control of her surroundings. She wanted to be in the kiddie area where she could slide and exude her own control over her surroundings and her being. I don’t know where she gets it from… (you all know I am lying here; I am a HUGE control freak). This made me realize, again, she is 100% MY child and really, I only have myself to blame.

5. The amazement I felt at Caelan: Caelan has come so, so very far. Caelan a year ago wouldn’t have walked onto a playground, ran to a climber, and went down a hugely steep slide in a matter of 48 seconds. She would have made us go with her, hold her hand, and catch her at the bottom of the slide. Caelan a year ago wouldn’t have run around on her own, saying hello to another child, and playing on the jungle gym like she owned it. Hell, Caelan a year ago wouldn’t have played on anything, at all. It is incredible to me (and here is where I get a little misty, get over it) how much she has grown. And matured. And even when she is melting down over something stupid and mundane, I realize that it isn’t mundane to her. It’s huge. And when I tell you that every.single.thing matters to my daughter, I am not exaggerating. Everything counts. Everything has its place. And these past two days, she made me realize even more that she is growing up. And I need to make sure I am doing everything in my power to ensure she grows up to thrive. I have to let go of the frustrations because she does. I have to let go of the annoyances; I cannot raise my voice with her and get her in a tizzy. It does no good. I have to guide her, while letting her have a little control of her own. I need to remember that inside of her resides my spirit and spunk, and like it or not, she isn’t going to change.

My girl. All by herself on the big slide… So proud of her.

6. The pride I felt in Ellery: Ellery is just incredible. She is my fearless warrior girl. She wanted us to let her go in the water (wearing a life jacket). She floated on her back, by herself, in the wave pool. She went down the little water slides. She splashed and played… She took Kalahari by the horns. Everything was a point of wonder for her. “Look! LOOKIE! Look this!” were her phrases of the trip. She said hello to everything and everyone. She danced, laughed, flirted, giggled, talked.. the whole time. She looked out for her big sister (because she is the most empathetic person I know) when Caelan was scared. She kissed us a million times… it was her way of saying, “thank you, Mommy and Daddy. I am having the time of my life.” And you know what? She did.

This is the sign of a girl who has enjoyed herself immensely…

7. The desire I have to to embolden and strenghten my relationship with my husband: things aren’t always easy. I’m not the easiest person to be married to, I am sure. I give him a lot of shit and a lot of credit for putting up with my shit. But I realized this week that we cannot take each other for granted. We need common ground even more now with parenting, since Caelan is exercising her control abilities and I am exercising my, “Please help me Shawn because I am about to lose my shit” abilities. We need to rely on each other more, for everything. We need to talk more, react less. When Caelan acts a fool, I need to step back and see myself and the situation, and I need to recognize his place and ask him to use his strengths. When I need him to do something, I cannot anticipate he will know what I need. I need to tell him. In words. Kind ones, without sarcasm. I am very sarcastic. And snarky. And I know I can be downright mean and awful sometimes (not always, but it has happened before and I am not proud of it). And I also recognize I need to stop it. I know we will be married forever; I need to make sure it’s always because he wants to be, and not because he feels obligated to be.

8. How hard I can laugh: I laughed. For two straight days. At my girls. At myself. At Shawn. And I feel great. Laughter really is the best medicine. And time with my three favorite people was exactly what I needed before my classes start Monday.

Have you been to Kalahari? Thoughts?

This almost lasted the whole way home. Aaah… you’re welcome, girls. We love you.


13 Parenting Lessons I Have Learned Along the Way…

I’m feeling very…lesson-y tonight. Bear with me. Parenting is, by far, the hardest job on the planet. I could never do it alone, and by the grace of God (and Shawn’s patience) I will never have to. In fact, parenting is so hard sometimes that I literally have no idea why anyone would do it voluntarily. I mean, who in their right mind would sign up for a life void of sleep that includes a little person ( or two/three/four/five!!) following them around asking them a million and one questions about the most inane things ever, crying, screaming, talking back, and just in general being a pain in the ass? WHO?! I know not one person who, if that were on the label of the EPT as a side effect of the plus sign, would say, “Damn Skippy! Let’s DO this!”

However, luckily for us (and our kids, if we are all being honest here), those moments are fleeting. Or just a phase. So I am told. And the real reason why we all have dreams of those little tiny feet running around the house is because with those feet, come countless blessings. We get to see the world through the eyes of an innocent child. We get to be the kind of parent we always wanted to be, taking lessons from our parents (or not, depending on who you were raised by). We get to watch tiny humans grow up into little people, and then those little people become us. Only they are better versions of us. My daughters are smarter than I am, and I have decades on them. Having children not only brings us closer to the kids, but it brings us closer to our spouses/partners, closer to our God/Higher Power, and for me closer to my love for wine. It is the moments that take my breath away, that I cannot believe that God would trust me with the lives of these two precious girls, that remind me exactly why I wanted babies and all that comes with them.

But, this is not about those moments. Here are the things I have learned as a parent the hard way. The little things that I have learned on my own, without parenting books or magazines. The things no one tells you, unless you’re talking to me because I believe that warnings are always welcome in this world. And there is no such thing as oversharing.

1. Sleep is something that you will miss dearly. But not until it is gone. And sadly, you can’t ever really “catch up” on sleep. There is no magic button that you can push and be well-rested. You just have to mutter through (or bitch and gripe at each other like we do here at my house) the terrible nights and snore through the good ones.

2. There is no such thing as privacy. Or real relaxation. Ever. It does not matter what you are doing and how well you lock the door. Because you know what? On the other side of the door, there is a child screaming and banging on the door because you locked it. So that blissful ten minute shower to unwind and collect your thoughts becomes an anxiety-ridden, steamy bowl of soap-smelling crap because privacy does not exist. You might as well remove all doors… you’ll seethe less.

3. There are such things as stupid questions. And they are the ones that get asked a billion times, in a small, high-pitched voice. Over and over again. Until you catch yourself saying, “I WILL NOT PLAY LITTLEST PET SHOP WITH YOU ANYMORE IF YOU KEEP ASKING ME TO PLAY WITH YOU WHILE WE ARE PLAYING!” Whoa. You just saw my Saturday afternoon. That got really real there for a second.

4. Your pain tolerance for the big stuff enhances after birth. The little stuff, like a stupid paper cut from a coloring book in between your fingers? No that pain is worse than labor. And I know. I had a natural birth with an epidural. *shudder*

5. You will grow to love kid music. And TV shows. It doesn’t happen right away, but slowly you will find yourself listening to the cds in the car without the kids, or watching their shows while they nap. And you realize you know every word. And if there is a show attached to their favorite music, you know all the dance moves. It happens. Embrace it.

6. You will spend an inordinate amount of money on things just to make your tiny humans happy. Even if you buy second-hand, you will spend more money on them in three months than you get to spend on yourself for a whole year. And that’s okay. Leading me to….

7. You CAN spend money on yourself!! See, I am of a different breed of mom than some other moms I know, and that’s okay. I still like to get stuff for myself. I like a nice handbag. I like nice clothes. I like being able to still do those little things for myself that I did before I had kids. I don’t see why getting my hair done and carrying a nice bag should have to be forfeited because I brought tiny humans into this world. I have sacrificed a lot for my kids; let me have my New York and Company outfits and my Miche handbags. And see that!? Those aren’t even “really nice” brands. Awesome, yes. High end? No. AND! I go to an amazing barber who charges me pennies for doing my hair. So, again, I don’t see why I can’t have what I want in those respects. Some moms say that makes me a bad mom. A selfish mom. Well, friends, I am here to tell you that it makes me a mom who knows that I need to be able to still feel like myself in order to be a GOOD mom. And I am a good mom. That is not the point. But it is the truth.

8. Motherhood is WORK and it doesn’t matter where and how you choose to work. For some reason, mothering has gone back to being a pissing contest of sorts. Stay at home. Work out of the home. I am here to tell you that you can do WHATEVER you want and it is no one else’s business. Mothering is hard.  It is all work. And it is 24/7/365(6). I didn’t have a choice for a while and had to stay at home. And it drove me batshit crazy. Like Mary Todd Lincoln crazy. I NEED to work outside of the home. Because I am a better mom and wife when I get out of the house and focus on things that do not involve my husband and children. It makes me who I am. I give all the credit in the world to Stay at Home moms. Their job is ten times harder than mine. Except, I need to remind some of you, that we working moms…we are MOMs, too. So, we understand both sides of it. It’s not like we go to work, come home to an empty home, throw on the sweats and watch Jon Stewart (yum-o!) until we have to eat dinner and go to bed. Our jobs are just as 24/7 as SAHMs. Working outside of the home does not make being a mother any easier, or make our contribution domestically carry any less weight.

9. Your kids will have the power to annoy the ever-loving piss out of you, and then wow you in the matter of five seconds. Focus on the wow. Not the annoyance.

10. Your kids will make messes. Life is messy. Get over it. And don’t buy really nice furniture or flooring until they are in college. Save the money. You’ll need it for Littlest Pet Shops.

11. Your kids will have the power to scare you senseless. They will fall and hit the ground so hard that you cannot believe that they aren’t disfigured. Somehow, for my kids anyway, they have really strong bones. In their faces and heads. Those are typically the areas my girls hit the most. I have lost my breath and sleep over my girls and worry about their pratfalls so often I can’t even number the times. But I have to remember this: I will know if something is truly wrong. My instincts, as yours, are very strong. And they don’t lie. If it seems important and pressing, get it looked at. If not, don’t. Save the money on the copays. You’ll need it for Weebles.

12. Kids are the world’s cutest freeloaders. They do not come with a pay raise and you will not get a stipend for having more. Your boss will not give you a raise because you have five kids. Children are not a collection of Pogs. (Remember Pogs?!) Anyway, don’t have a ton just because your mom and dad had a ton, and you’ve always wanted a big family, and God will never give you more than you can handle. God also gave us the science for birth control. And that’s advice coming from a Progressive Catholic who plans on getting fixed very, very soon. I have seen so many families have a ton of kids and they look MISERABLE (except the excessively cheery Duggar family). And when I talk to them, they give me the same laundry lists of reasons.. and it’s good for some. But not for all. Do what is best for YOU, and your financial situation. Don’t overstretch your means and lifestyle because you’ve “always wanted to have 11 kids like your great-grandparents.” I have two. I used to want four. Now, I want no more. For many reasons, but the biggest is I want to be able to do things financially with my family that involves more than grocery shopping at Aldi’s and shopping consignment sales (And I LOVE both of those things, and will do them probably forever, do not get me wrong). Don’t feel the need to follow along with traditions if they make no sense for your unique situation. Great-grandma wants to see you happy, with or without your own soccer team.

13. Kids rule. Parents are totally not in control. And we think we are. That’s called denial. The sooner we all accept that, the happier our lives will be.

I leave you with these funnies. I laughed. A lot. Because they’re TRUE!!