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Time will not take the life from me…

I know I have talked about the fact that I write for an online rock n roll publication. I also know I haven’t gone into much detail about that. So, I want to do a little about that tonight. I did the thing I am most proud of to date, and I want to chat about it.

I have always been a writer. I have always been a rock n roll fan. So, when the chance in October of 2015 arose for me to join the staff of the most kick-ass rock n roll publication on the Interwebs, RockRevolt Magazine, I jumped at it! I reached out to the editor to see if they needed help writing/editing, and they did, and here I am. And to say I am blessed beyond belief with all of the amazing things I have had the chance to do for them would be the understatement of the year, for sure. I mean, it’s insane to me. Still unreal.

I have gotten to go to shows for some of my favorite bands and write about them! And people read what I write! I get to interview some of my favorite musicians, and then people read that, too! I get to review albums, and people read them! And I even have done a book review or two, which you all know I love!! It’s insane to me! I mean, really…truly…insane. I know writing is something I am pretty good at doing, but to think that people all over the world get the chance to have a little piece of me in their eyeballs is a bit crazy to me. It’s surreal. I mean, totally surreal and something I will never ever take for granted ever. Ever.

So, let me tell you a little something else. I am a HUGE Breaking Benjamin fan. I know I have talked about that before here. Probably more than once. And, with my gig at RockRevolt, I have had the opportunity to go to some of their shows and review them. I have interviewed their drummer (he was my second ever interview!), Shaun Foist. I literally had an out of body experience when I interviewed their lead singer, Ben Burnley, whose music literally saved my life twice. I mean, that was a huge moment for me. And I have had other huge moments and had the chance to write about other bands and artists and albums for other bands and artists who mean the world to me, for sure. But, my favorite thing I have ever done is here:


Please do me a favor and read it, share it, and love on it.
Please. It would mean the world to me.

Now, backstory. I had the chance to talk to the one guy I have wanted to talk to for quite a while, Aaron Bruch, bassist of Breaking Benjamin. And, he is as gracious and humble and wonderful as I ever thought he would be. We talked and talked and talked about everything and anything, and we had an absolute blast together, as I thought we would. It was everything I wanted and more, and I don’t want to gush too much and be all weird about it, but know that it was the best conversation I could have ever imagined having with someone about their talents and passions. So, so good.

I wrote the interview a little differently than I would originally do so, and made it a narrative story instead of a question and answers list. It seemed to fit his style of communication more, as the entire time we talked, it was like he was telling me a story. And though it made more work for me, I wanted the readers to feel like they were sitting there and talking to him as well. It was a bold move, and I believe it paid off.

People have responded so well to it! I am hearing from people who have known him forever, telling me how the story reminds them of good times and memories with him. I can’t believe how well it has been received!! As it turns out, our conversation is getting a ton of attention from all over the place. The feedback I have received is humbling and overwhelming, and I just wanted to find another place to share it with the world. This is my blog, so why not share it here?! You can also click my name on the piece and see other things I have done as well. It’s all been a very, very good time that I love being a part of.

It’s not every day that you get to literally do something you’ve dreamed of doing your entire life. And the fact that I get to do that is incredible to me, and I can’t express how grateful I am every single day that this is my reality. Honestly, two years ago I was just a fan of music and bands, and now bands know me and want to work with me. My life is super weird, friends. Blessed isn’t even a word that fully encapsulates it. So, please, do me a solid and check out my article I linked in here. Share it, please, if you’re so inclined. It’s so appreciated, trust me.

Just a little video love from my favorite band to you..
Never let time take the life from you…

You never know where you’ll end up! 

Look for the light that leads me home…

As someone with borderline commitment issues (yet also ten years into a marriage, riddle me that), I have waffled on this whole blogging thing, and for good reason. Life gets busy, and I get busy with other writing projects (that novel that’s collecting dust, the international rock and roll magazine of which I am managing editor and journalist, shitty poetry, etc). However, today I took the initiative to, once again, purchase my domain, add a new fun theme I kind of dig, and am going to try to make this a more regular place for my words. They need a place, and inside my head isn’t working for them anymore, ha!

For the time being, I have damn-near completely abandoned the idea of being a novelist for any length of time because I hate rejection, and it’s all I have been getting. I really, really hate rejection, and thanks to being bullied relentlessly as a youth and my passion for my writing, I am super sensitive to someone telling me that my writing sucks. The worst thing someone can tell me is that I suck at this. Truly. I am not strong enough to hear it. It makes me ache and fills me with doubt, and I don’t like those feelings…at all. Again, avoiding feelings. Notice a pattern?  It isn’t healthy, but it works!

I mean, I’ll still try to get these things published. Ya know? I am not sure why some days. I don’t see a real “payoff” here. And no, “SO people can read it!” isn’t the payoff I am meaning; hell, I could publish the thing here and people could read it, ya know? My long game is not strong enough to really get concerned with it, so for now, it’s whatever. It’s out there. If it gets picked up, hell yeah. Let’s go. If not? Not gonna cry in my beer over it.

I’ve considered picking up other projects along the way (a long-abandoned novella, a few shitty short stories) to keep myself moving forward in terms of writing. I know it’s a good idea to do that and keep moving forward, and I will get to these things post-haste. I have a good one on the docket I am going to revisit. However, it will never replace my passion.

My passion is in music writing. My passion is going to concerts and telling people all about them. My passion is interviewing musicians and getting to know them beyond, “That one guy in that one band.” My passion is getting a new album in my hands and telling everyone why it’s great (or not). My passion lies inside music – it always has. And being able to combine my love of writing (my first love), with my passion for music, is currently the only thing that makes sense to me at this moment. Sure, it’s super “idealistic,” but who says I have to be realistic all the time? Not I! I REJECT IDEALISM!

Yes, I have a job in the education industry. If I am being honest, as much as I love my students and what I do, it isn’t as fulfilling to me as losing myself into the moments in a concert, in the lyrics of a song, in the eyes of someone at the show who really gets it – who understands that I am there because I need to be because they’re there, also. They feel it. Nothing will ever be as fulfilling to me as that, I feel. I need it. It is why my heart beats – live music experiences are what I am made for. Writing is what I am made to do. No matter what, I will always feel this way…. always.

Music has a way of taking me somewhere, especially live, that I do not want to come back from. It is the therapy I need for when I am weary, the motivation I need when I am frazzled, the love I need when I am hurting. And, for better or worse I suppose, I get to experience it with my gig with the magazine I work for. I am currently laying the “free” in “freelance” down with it, but I have to imagine that maybe, just maybe one day, something would come along where I could get paid for it. Wouldn’t that be a trip!? … what a dream. Getting paid to do this would honestly tickle my multiple fancies all at once. Maybe one day… but, I’m not sweating it. Life happens as it ought, and I am always down for the ride. The destination is never important to me; the journey is the good shit.

For now, I will continue to lose myself in the music. Music will always remind me to

Look for the light that leads me home.

This, this is my all-time favorite band, Breaking Benjamin.
And, this video takes me places I can only revisit in memory…