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Tomorrow is Princess Day around here…

So, this Christmas break, I have really enjoyed not doing anything. I have eased my way into a life of leisure, and it’s something to behold. I have never been one to kick back and relax, but honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I felt so good doing nothing at all. I would stay in my jammies every single day if I didn’t have to go anywhere. And I also don’t go anywhere if I don’t have to. Gone are the days of running around, jackassing about town. There are many reasons for this:

a. It’s cold outside. Really, really cold.

b. I have three kids to tote around with me, as it is illegal to leave them home alone.

c. It is cold. Did I mention?

Many days the girls and I find reasons to not get dressed. Or to get dressed in clean jammies. It’s still dressed if it is clean jammies, right? Many days I have just showered to throw on new jammies or comfy lounge clothes. Getting dressed is so.much.work. I am going to be so sad when the semester starts back up and I have to *GASP!* put on real people clothes, business casual real people clothes at that! The horror!! Truly, I am enjoying my time at home more than I ever thought I would. Having a third child has changed everything, as I have said, and I really just dig being a mom. I like spending time with these little ladies. I will miss them when I do go back to work, as I always do, but this break has been special. They have all gotten along (for the most part), I haven’t lost my shit, and we are just a happy little bunch of folks over here at the Manor. My husband is working a lot of overtime because he can, and there are perks to it ($$$$$!), so the girls and I have had lots of bonding time. We haven’t even wanted to kill each other yet! Now, I know we have four days left until Caelan goes back, but I foresee a strong ending to this break. I am hoping. Do you hear that, Universe?! *insert finger pointing and slight glare*

So, tomorrow, to celebrate Finola turning six months old (!!!!!!! WHAT?! !!!!!!!!), we are having a princess day. The oldest two will dress in their princess dresses from Christmas, I will find something frilly and fun to put the baby in, and I may just try to shimmy into my old bridesmaid dress (totally kidding, totally…that won’t be happening, though I know it does fit still, but I won’t tell you how I know that…). We will watch Disney Princess movies all day, and I may just have an old fashioned tea party. I am trying to find creative ways to celebrate life’s little moments with my girls, and to keep us in comfy clothes all winter long, so we can continue to make happy memories of life of domestic bliss in the new year. It’s all about capturing those moments, and putting them in a jar, to remember and reflect on when life hands us some crap sandwiches (actually, I did make one of those Year of Blessings Jars about an hour ago to record little daily moments each day to read on NYE this year and remember how awesome 2014 was, so I will literally put tomorrow in a jar, potentially…). We all need to remember these fun times of little blessings and silly moments together because not long from now, they won’t even want to be in the same room as I am. So, I might as well make every moment count that we do get to spend together.

Princess Day. One more way to make my girls feel special, to show them how special they are to me, and to remember how special and precious these times are for all of us.

How do you spend these little moments with your young ones?

Pajama Day? Princess Day? Pirate Day?

keep-calm-and-happy-princess-day^THIS EXISTED ONLINE! I didn’t even need to make it. I love it when Google and the Internet cooperate with me. 🙂