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Thursday Night Wrap Up

I am going to try to make it a habit to post here more. I know I have said that, and I have failed you. However, not to worry. I am going to really, really try. I may even pencil this into my planner, because that’s how things get done. A Cozi reminder never hurt anyone, right?

A few things have been happening:

*The semester has started and has been incredibly fun already. Working all five days again, just how I like it. 🙂 I don’t like idle time. Idle time is not fun. Teaching, now THAT’S fun!! So far, my classes have been amazingly energetic AND energizing and I am, once again, loving every minute of it.

*Regional Rally for Premier Designs was last weekend, Friday afternoon – Saturday afternoon, and that was a hoot as always. Loving the new Spring Line. Loving the new business tips and amazing energy I am feeling. This company is so amazing, I want to share it with everyone!!

*God is amazing and is doing amazing things right now in my life. He has been such a strong presence for me this past year, and I think it has to do with a combination of things. I stopped ignoring him, and started letting him work on my heart and my life… It’s incredible what a little faith can do.

*Looking into signing Caelan up in Irish Dance Classes. The current semester ends May 24 and I don’t know when the next starts, or if she can join halfway through. But it’s something I have said from the beginning that I want the girls to at least try. And she thinks it looks like fun. And she likes the dresses. She also like Mennonite dresses and doesn’t fully grasp why she can’t dress like a Mennonite woman in her, “fancy hat and dress”…. but that’s another story.

*Ellery’s sleep study had to be cancelled because she has RSV. She’s on the mend, and is really improving quickly (much quicker than her big sister who had it and was knocked on her ass for 3 weeks, BUT that’s also another story). She takes her breathing treatments like a champ and is just ready to be normal again. And the sleep study? Rescheduled. For March 8th. I am hoping I can break her of whatever it is that is making her not sleep before then. Oddly, since getting sick, she has been sleeping a lot better, so here’s to hoping maybe she kicked the sleep thing on her own…? Who knows.

*My one year birthday with Premier was on January 11th and that was craziness. Also? Ellery turned one on January 13th. I am preparing her “happy first birthday” post, but haven’t had time to finish it up, due to her sicky self. But! It’s coming! We haven’t even been able to get her one year pictures done, so there’s that.

*I am tired, and out of things to say, so I am going to bed.

Obama 2012. That is all.

Goodnight. ❤