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Let’s just pretend that I never say anything about not having time to blog on here…

And let’s start actually DOING something about it! Woohoo!! I am making it my mission to post something here, every night. No matter if it is something piddly and small, or large and profound. I still need a post for Ellery’s first birthday *I know, I am so lame but I really need time to do this*. However, know that this month is going to be tight on time. February 26th is SOMEONE’S last day of classes (woohoo!) and I am thinking about planning a party lol. I am so excited to be done with school for a while..

Wait? Did she just say for a while?

Yes, for a while. I want my Ed.D, but not until someone pays for it. Because I am not adding onto that mountain I call “Student Loan Ridiculousness”. That mountain will remain untouched, unless it is being chipped away at.

Speaking of, I am starting my “student loan budgetary diet” in order to start live like I am dying broke. LOL. I need to pretend that I don’t really have six months of downtime until the loans come due. Because I want to send them a whopper of a first check for that payment.

Can I say thank you to Mr. Obama for making my student loans not as scary as they could be? Income based repayment? Completely dropping off after a certain amount of years? Yes please. I’ll take two.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I downloaded some awesome prompt books on iBooks *iPlug* and I am going to be using them to start writing again. Because I always say I want to. And now, I just need to do it.

Hopefully I will be able to do that on here a bit. Break out some awesome moves on the blog, bust out some good writing and get the juices flowing again.

ON that note, I am tired. Caelan decided last night was not for sleeping. I see a couch and a Roku box (which I LOVE, btw!) calling my name…

Goodnight all. ❤