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Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 15

Bullet Point My Day (larger moments cuz you don’t wanna know all of it)

  • Woke up, wondering why morning has to come when it does
  • fed kids and took shower
  • took kids to breakfast at book fair, spent $45 on books cuz books
  • came home, made quick breakfast
  • went to mall to walk around and got hella confused by Easter bunny
  • went to work to print things for taxes
  • picked up youngest at preschool
  • went to store
  • had lunch
  • checked social media throughout day
  • talked to friends via text throughout day
  • made some phone calls that led me nowhere
  • thought lots of thoughts throughout day, also, cuz not a robot
  • tried to nap
  • kid made me into a couch
  • so did cat
  • did book activities with littlest
  • polished nails of middle and little
  • gave self a mani also
  • ate/drank dinner of protein shake and a handful of chips
  • played with kiddos
  • got kiddos ready for bed
  • put kids in bed
  • rode 6 miles on bike while watching The Good Doctor
  • PR’d : 6 miles in 31:24!!!!!
  • turned on black-ish
  • turned on laptop
  • opened web browser
  • here we are

How was your day?