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A new year, a new….year.

New Year’s Eve is probably one of my favorite days ever. I love the idea of one year ending and another beginning, rife with promise and high expectations. Every year, everyone (myself included sometimes) is like, “THIS! This will be the year I do this… this will be the year I rock out at this… this will be the year that doesn’t suck as bad as the last.” And you know what, sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re not. It doesn’t matter what year it is. If life is going to rock, it will. If it’s going to suck, it will. If it will be mediocre as hell and boring, then so be it. I refuse this year to be all, “yes 2013 is going to be the BEST DAMN YEAR EVER!” I know it probably won’t be. Maybe it will. I always set my expectations with everything pretty low, so when good things happen I can celebrate, and when life sucks, I can be like, “yep. I knew it.” Some say that’s a terrible way to live. I prefer it to always being a Golden Retriever. And you know what that means: Goldens are just so happy that you are paying attention to them, and they wake everyday with this energy, like, “THIS will be the day you let me run around the yard I know it…” and we never do. lol. My dog has really gotten a hard dose of reality.

I love New Year’s Eve because we can wish, dream, imagine what the new year will bring. We can imagine anything: good, bad, indifferent. This is the time of year that we can harken back to our childhoods and just….imagine. What will we be? What will we do? What will the year bring us? What can we bring to it? Plus, I get to eat pork and sauerkraut at midnight! Woohoo!! Feed my pregnant face! 🙂 See? Glass half full kind of stuff here, friends.

I don’t make resolutions. I have general ideas of what I’d like to do this year. I’d LIKE to have a baby. Oh. Wait. I will. I’d LIKE to have Shawn back to work. Oh, yeah, that will happen (though we still don’t know when). I’d LIKE to take my kids to see Yo Gabba Gabba in four weeks. Oh. Yep. Doing that too. See? I’m already meeting my goals and expectations. I am actually making plans to do things differently with the third baby, but that’s not necessarily a resolution, and it’s for a different post. I don’t want to lose weight because  I will. I don’t want to learn a new trick, although I would like to start learning to make jewelry so that anytime I want a new shiney I can make it. I do plan on revisiting spirituality and figuring out where I fit as I have pretty much nailed where I don’t fit, and that’s right where I am. Which is always fun. But that’s a lifelong thing for me. I want to do more go green things, and I am. I would like to take a few small trips. See, I make sure that everything I want to do is pretty attainable. Resolutions usually are made to set people up for failure. To me, that’s silly. I wouldn’t tell my girls, “if you say you can fart rainbows, you can do it!” It’s setting them up to fail. And that is mean. I make realistic lists of things I’d like to accomplish, and then I do them. The only thing I have close to  ZERO control over is that I would like to make more headway professionally. But like I said last time, I trust that will happen when and how it is supposed to. Universe. Oars. All that.

Anything you’d like to do this year? Any plans? Resolutions? Ideas?

I know one thing, whatever happens to us this year, we will make it.

We will survive it.

keep-calm-and-bring-on-2013-2Bring it, 2013.

I can handle it.

You can’t scare me.