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It’s about that time…Subscribe! (it’s free!!)

I wanted to thank all of you. You have helped this blog reach over 10,200 views, and I can’t even wrap my brain around that. So, thanks. Stick around. The best is surely yet to come. I promise.

I know I have not been around much, but I wanted to put a quick blip here to urge you to subscribe to this little bloggy blog here if you usually find me on Facebook. See, in about 4 days, I will be leaving Facebook. The goal is to leave it for Lent. The end result would be to leave for good.

Lent is about giving up a vice. I won’t give up sweets because, duh. I can’t give up smoking because I don’t smoke. And I have three small children, so I won’t give up drinking my 2-4 times a month week glass of wine. So, Facebook it is. I check it all the time, post more than is really socially acceptable, and really, I am tired of it. My life isn’t anyone else’s business, nor are their lives mine. I started posting a lot so that my family and friends out of town could keep up with my girls and our lives. But anymore, I just do it out of habit. I am seeking to break that habit. Lent is the best excuse, really.

Lent is also about giving. So I am going to be doing a $1 a day RAK each day, for $40 total. I am going to be distributing $1 a day, somewhere, everyday. For example, I will put $1 in a vending machine and walk away, allowing someone else to get something on me. Or I will leave $1 somewhere for someone else to have. I am passionate about RAK (random acts of kindness) and the #ajo project, and I plan to add #ajo on the bills as well, in memory of Alyssa. Don’t know about #ajo? Read here: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2013/09/17/ajo-pay-it-forward-phenomenon-spreads/ and http://ajoforever.com/.

So, if you catch me on Facebook, please click the link that says “Follow the Leader” and add your email address to subscribe. I will be posting a longer post here soon catching everyone up, but for now, I want to thank you all again, and I invite you to keep up with my adventures in RAKs, life, budgeting, mothering, Lent, and more in your inbox.

This Wordle is perfect for this! It discusses what folks give up for Lent…

2011-03-lent-bigLooks like I’m not alone in my vice, eh?