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Old Man Winter..?

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Ohio, Old Man Winter decided to just stay in his condo in Miami this year. Which, I am totally fine with. I hate winter. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like snow. It is not pretty; it’s annoying. I don’t like white Christmases. I don’t like white anything… I like clean, warm, bright times. Snowmen? Yuck. Slush? Blech. Keep it warm, and you keep me happy. Not to mention I have wicked Seasonal Affect Disorder, and this year my blues lasted all of about 3 days. That’s a record. Thank you, Mr. Sun.

I have enjoyed this weather we have had immensely. Sure, I bitched about being cold for a week straight. But that’s the beauty of it: it only lasted a week! The rest of winter was so mild, my poor kids couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t be outside every single day. Did I mention I’m not necessarily an outdoorsy kind of gal? Oh, that’s for later. Today, February 29, 2012 (LEAP DAY!) reached 68 degrees in Canton. 68! Fahrenheit! I felt so energized, I took the kids to the park! And they called me the best Mommy ever (well, Caelan did. Ellery more squealed, laughed, and gave me a kiss laced with snot. I am sure the message was the same). I can dig this weather. I had the windows down! And this spring, I have a decent amount of hair! My hair got to blow in the wind. It was…awesome.

Now, tomorrow it looks to be chilly, but I’ll take 48 degrees in March any year. If this is global warming, I have to say, I’ll take it. Slow down environmentalists, you know I love my Mother Earth, it’s just a phrase. With the changes in the weather come things like the never-ending flea adventure we seem to have been on for the past 4 months. Nothing has frozen, so nothing has died. My backyard still feels a little like a swamp, because it holds moisture, and has not frozen. The stream by my house has been running like it’s the middle of August all winter. It’s been crazy. I can only imagine how plant life will be affected when things start really blooming here soon. All I have to say is that this has been the best winter of my life, for more than one reason. And as far as I am concerned, we can lock Old Man Winter up in his little condo on the beach every year to follow.

This is a view I wouldn’t mind in December… Just saying.