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30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 19

Thank God no one said this has to be consecutive days haha

Write about my first love…

My first love was music….

In short, music has…

  • Showed me it was okay to feel what I was feeling
  • Shouted my feelings back to me to remind me it was fine
  • Showed me how to love myself
  • Given my life purpose
  • Allowed me to grieve
  • Celebrated with me
  • Allowed me to figure out who I am
  • Figured out who I was for me
  • Saved my life more times than I can count
  • Helped me make sense of this world
  • Given me direction
  • Provided an escape
  • Provided a new perspective
  • Been my only friend
  • Been the only thing that makes sense
  • Showed me what love sounds like
  • Allowed me to accept myself
  • Allowed me to let go
  • Showed me how to hold on
  • Supported me without question
  • Never left me alone
  • Showed me what I need
  • Showed me what I do not want
  • Accompanied me on adventures
  • Quieted my tears
  • Allowed those tears to flow
  • Helped me write
  • Helped me live
  • Held my hand
  • Introduced me to countless friends I will never forget
  • Woven itself right into my life
  • Run through my veins
  • Hushed me to sleep
  • Rocked me awake
  • Helped me focus on what is important
  • Written alongside me
  • Brought me to my husband
  • Allowed me to do what I love
  • Inspired me
  • Motivated me
  • Encouraged me
  • Danced with me
  • Been inked onto my skin
  • Been imprinted into my brain
  • Filled my dreams
  • Pushed me to go faster
  • Encouraged me to slow down
  • Given me places I belong
  • Walked streets with me
  • Rode in cars, buses, subways, planes, trains with me
  • Pushed me to be better
  • Pushed me to do better
  • Taught me
  • Understood me
  • Allowed me to understand myself
  • Answered my prayers
  • Been my light in the dark
  • Loved me back, unconditionally