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I refuse to believe the hype…

We live in a disgustingly sad world sometimes. We have politicians who prey upon denying citizens basic human rights. We have kids who come into schools and shoot people, killing them, for no reason at all. We have people who steal because they refuse to get a job. We have people that think their position is superior because they have some form of God on their side. We have men who think women are property. We have people who make so much money that it’s a downright shame, because they won’t even be bothered to share a buck with someone who really needs it…

I don’t understand things sometimes. I am far from perfect; I have yet to walk on water. I admit my flaws, and I am the first person to throw myself under the bus. I have no problem with admitting I am human. But you know what? I’m not cruel. And I’m not ignorant. I’m not naive and I am far from uneducated. I do not understand why people want to deny others basic human rights and privileges. I want to understand the problems of the child who feels he has no other outlet for his rage and pain than murder. I want to help the thief get a job, and I want to show the Believer that I am a Believer, too. I just refuse to let God rule out common decency and humanity. I raise up women, fighting for our rights. I give money, probably more than I should, to charities all over the world. Want to know why?

Because I care. About people. About you, kind reader. And I can. You can’t stop me. So, ha.

I am a bleeding heart liberal if there ever was one, but I am also not a fool. Some people think that one means the other, and that isn’t the case. Doormat is something I have never been referred as. Someone once accused me of having a “gay agenda”. And I agreed. I said, “If that means I believe that every single person on this planet should be able to love how they love, and live how they live, yes, sir. I have a huge gay agenda.” I am strongly opinionated about things, but I won’t tell you that you’re wrong if you disagree with me. I don’t believe I am more right than someone else, I believe we are all different. And that’s okay. I love those differences, I welcome discourse. I love a challenge.

Challenge me. Talk to me like a human. Give me some credit. Don’t talk down to me. And don’t talk at me. That’s rude.

I love intelligent conversations with intelligent people. I love logic, and being able to see logic where others see emotional response. I also love emotional discussion laced with logic. That stuff turns my crank. I get off on that stuff. Politics is not something I am very well-versed in, and I admit that. However, social issues are my forte and I will stand up for what I believe in until they bury me in the ground. Because I believe that

If you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything.

I refuse to believe that this world is terrible. I refuse to believe that this world is going to hell in any sort of hand-basket. I refuse to believe that anyone is better, smarter, more educated or more right than I am. I refuse to believe that I should have fear for God. I don’t think God wants our fear, he demands our respect. I refuse to believe that I deserve more rights and privileges than someone else just because as a woman, I sleep with a man. I refuse to believe men who tell me I am less than, that I should be treated as weak, mild, meek, or quiet. I am none of those things. I refuse to believe that I am better, smarter, more educated, or more right than anyone else. I refuse to believe it.

Because I am me. And you are you. We will not see eye-to-eye. And that’s okay. I still love you. However, I will stand. I will fight. You can’t stop me. So, ha.

Yep. That is all….

While searching on Google for “I refuse” graphics, I found this gem:

I don’t know how he fits into this, but I refuse to deny my huge crush on Mr. Darcy… and the fine, fine Colin Firth. ❤