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First World Problems…

I know that some of us like to bitch and moan about our lives. We don’t have enough money for whatever we want to buy. Our commute to work is too long. We don’t know what to watch on our big, stupid TVs. We don’t have enough clothes for that job we want. We don’t have enough…whatever. I bitch about stuff sometimes; it’s human nature. But I have had some friends go through some shitty stuff, and they KNOW problems. Like, bigger problems than I care to know ever. Ever. And I try to put my life in perspective. I do a pretty good job of keeping my problems classified as First World Problems. My phrase when facing something potentially sad or miserable is, “well, no one ever died from ______.” Insert anything there. Being laid off. Having a cold. Losing a toenail. Eating too many grape tomatoes (my current addiction, don’t judge).

This morning, Caelan was watching Netflix on my iPad in the living room because she was up at the ungodly hour of allfuckingnight, and I wasn’t getting out of bed with her before dawn. She failed to mention to me, until I found it, that she had dumped milk on my iPad. She had tried to wipe it off with her blanket (sweet, right? Yeah no) and didn’t quite get it all. What she failed to mention (see a pattern) also was that the milk went down inside the case of the iPad. The case that is supposed to protect it from liquids. You know, that case. I discovered this upon finding my iPad blinking and bleeping in the corner of the couch this evening. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t responding to anything I was doing. I took the case off and found a puddle. Of milk. That my iPad had been sitting in. Since 6:30 this morning. So, I’m feeling good….

I was GOING to get mad. She was apologizing left and right about it, and “sorry I dropped milk on your iPad, Mommy. I will never do it again” and blah blah blah. I wasn’t mad though. I realize now that the thing may never work again. I am going to put it in rice later (my friends have success with electronics in rice, and I figure I can have a snack after lol) and hope something happens. If not, I’m not sweating it. Sure, I want to get another. Eventually. I have other things to worry about before I worry about this. I didn’t get upset with her (which is shocking because if you know me, you know I love my iPad…LOVE it!!). I didn’t react at all, really.

I can’t even really get upset about it now. There are people in New York who have lost everything. The Jersey Shore (place, not show) is gone. My friends in Cleveland JUST got power back on after days for God’s sake. War is still raging the world over. People are dying for due to illness, for no reason, for what they believe in, for who they love. People are being denied rights that I enjoy. There is shit going on all over this world that is SO much worse than an iPad in milk. And I have to remember, no one ever died from having an iPad soaked in milk. That mantra has gotten me through some tough moments, and I am sure it will for years to come.

First World Problems are all I really know. And I am more than okay with that. I’m sure with my husband’s layoff starting tomorrow, I will know more struggles than I do at this moment, but they will be temporary. No one has ever died from a little struggle from a temporary blip in the radar. Upside to the layoff? My basement will be able to get done lol. Downside? I won’t have extra money to get what I want in said basement right away. But it’s ok. It won’t last forever. Hopefully it won’t last long. I’d like to finish that basement up for good… lol. 😉 I’m good with my life. Ups and downs make us who we are, and without the ups and downs, we’d be dead. I’m cool with it.

This will so be happening tonight..

Let’s be honest: I will be slightly pissed if it doesn’t work…

I really don’t want to spend that much money on a new one…

Dear Santa…

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Days Seven and Eight: What I want for Christmas…

Since my mom is the only person I know who still asks adults for Christmas lists, and she usually wants them before Thanksgiving, I haven’t thought much about what I want lately. Now, I am not getting any more gifts, I am pretty sure my mom is done talking to Santa shopping for me. I wanted the usual: iTunes gift cards, Lady Gaga Concert DVD, pajamas, gift cards. You know, nothing profound. But here is my open letter to Santa on what I’d REALLY like…enjoy.

Dear Santa,
It feels strange writing to you at the age of 30. How are the reindeer? How’s the Mrs? Good.
I have been pretty good this year, all things considered. I haven’t harmed anyone (although, temptation is my friend) and am still blissfully married. I had a baby girl this year, but you knew that. She’s probably on your naughty list, with her night-time antics, and I can’t say as I blame you. Caelan should be on your nice list, she has grown and matured SO much this year. She is definitely on MY nice list, if that matters (and let’s be honest, I hold the purse strings in this relationship, so it matters lol).

I would like a few things for Christmas. I would like anyone who wants to marry another person, regardless of sexual orientation, to be able to be married. I would like another class to open up on my campus so I can teach more. I am really digging that, you know. I would like there to be less poverty in this country, so the economy needs a good fixing.  I would like for peace for my family and friends in all their relationships. I would like my family to stay well in 2012, and for us to be healthy and happy for the year. I would like to say for our lifetimes, but I take things in baby steps. I would like to be able to get Shawn a Jeep. I would like to be able to start our bathroom renovation. I would like to be able to donate eggs for someone seeking the ability to experience the miracle of birth. I would like Democrats to keep hold of the White House until Obama has had the chance to fix everything he has set out to. It’s been a long, hard road for him, and I think 4 more years will really give him the chance to clean it all up. Nothing worse than having to stop a job you worked so hard to start, right? I would like to remain patient and grow my hair out, without chopping it off in frustration. I would like my jewelry business to continue to be sustainable and grow with the coming year. I would like to be able to enjoy my girls more, and I will, since I will have my Master’s in February. I would like to continue to be able to support my family, with Shawn being the primary breadwinner of course. And I would like to be able to relax, and let things happen, without worrying about the hows and whys in life. I would like more time to write, and write some things that either get published or at least are substantially better than the research papers I have been writing. I would like to learn how to just Be. That’s my weakness. I can’t just Be.

I know a lot of these things I can manage on my own. And I guess this is more of a prayer to God than a letter to Santa. I just wanted to lay it out. My goals and wishes for 2012, starting this Christmas season.
Thanks, Santa. I appreciate your time.

How about you? What’s on your Christmas list? Prayer list?