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Does anyone who reads this have any pull at HGTV?

I love HGTV. I miss it since we got rid of UVerse. I would watch it for hours, and my poor husband was convinced I knew no other channel. When I was a SAHM, it was on 24/7 because Nick Jr made me want to poke my eyes out with its trademark airing of the same 10 shows all.the.time. Now I watch it streaming on my iMac, and it’s not the same, but I can’t complain. I would dream of David Bromstad, Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, or Candace Olsen (or really anybody there) to come to my house and redesign something. Anything. Everything.

I would get ideas on fun things to do to the house whenever we had the extra cash for it. We are working on that, and since we now have a brand spanking new roof, I feel like we should have brand spanking new something. I would love them to do our basement, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere. I don’t care. Build a yurt in my backyard (they designed yurts on the last DesignStar episode I just watched). I am not picky. And I would love anything they did for one simple reason: I didn’t have to do it!

Shawn and I suck at joint decision making for the house. We haven’t had a kitchen light for months because we can’t agree on what we like, and I want to go check out the Restore to see what they have to offer. I was newly pregnant when we bought this place, so I don’t remember even picking out colors. I want to repaint the living room but can’t decide on a color. We need to redo our bathroom and will need to decide on a design scheme. And that gives me a little bit of IBS because we need to agree on it. I don’t do well with compromise sometimes. I also want the basement done without doing any of the work myself. I need three days with no kids or other distractions just to focus on it alone, and Lord knows that doesn’t happen. I just want stuff done. And time to do it in. And money to do it with.

HGTV should just drive around random cities that are not LA, Miami, NYC, Denver, Honolulu, and head to the little towns to get the jobs done for those of us who have desire to change where we live, but no time to do it in. And not the biggest budget to get it done. I don’t even want to mess around with sending a tape. I’m sure people need more than I do, like the soldiers, the disabled, the laid off and downsized. I’d feel bad even competing, so I don’t want to. Just come to my house, knock on my door, and take over.

And please, send David Bromstad because I would like to squeeze his cheeks.

Whichever cheeks he’d let me squeeze…

He is one attractive specimen. Thank you God, for David Bromstad…