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Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 20

Write about three of my celebrity crushes…I don’t know that I have three currently, but I know I used to have a ton. As we age, our tastes change (thank goddess), and who we find attractive at one phase of life is not who we find attractive at another. I think of all the crushes I have had over the years, and there are very few common elements between any of them. So, I guess I just could talk about three people in general I admire, not necessarily crush-esque, but admiration for them as people and what they bring to the world that makes them attractive to me in one way or another. Attraction, as we all know, means many different things…

  1. Laura Jane Grace is, probably, the love of my life. I just haven’t met her yet to tell her. There is something about her that sings to my soul, shares my truths with her words, and puts those truths on display with her voice. She is as beautiful as she is humble, and being in the same room with her is electric. I have had the honor of being so close to her, I could have touched her if I wasn’t terrified of security. I have been so close to her, hearing her sing my words and my life to the crowd, that it has taken my breath away. I am not a fangirl kind of girl, but I will tell you that when I am given the chance to interview her, I know I will have zero chill left in me. I have so many things I want to ask her, so many stories I want her to tell, and I don’t even think I’d be able to have enough time to get to all of it. Listening to her narrate her audiobook made me realize I would listen to her narrate the phone book if she asked. I am such a huge fan of hers and her music, and to be able to tell her that one day would be a dream…
  2. Elon Musk is a brilliant man. He’s sexy in a way that says “you say I can’t do that, but I just did.” I admire his brain, his drive, his courage, and his complete inability to understand limits of any kind. Sure, he may be hard to work with and stubborn or rude at times, but who isn’t? He’s simply brilliant. And I’d love to talk to him as well just to let him know how much his work inspires me to keep going – despite any preconceived notion of limitation. He’s sexy in a way that lets you know you could get it, but you won’t be the only one, and he may never call you back. But don’t take it personally… and that, my friends, is power. And power can be very attractive.
  3. Ruby Rose for obvious reasons. That’s all I have to say about that. Sounds shallow. And I’m good with that. Girl could get it. Period.

Some LJG love, shall we?

One of my fave songs she does acoustic.

I was in the room the night this happened, and I cried silently so no one would make fun of me for crying…. lol. WHAT a night that was… honestly.

30 Day Writing Challenge, Day Eleven

Something I always think “What If” about….

This one here is a doozy. This could get long. I have LOTS of things I think what if about, some I am comfortable writing about here and others that stay in my private thoughts. I do not like to look back and wonder on things, but sometimes, as a human who thinks a lot and spends hours in her own head, I can’t help it. I mean, don’t we all have those moments?

What if I knew my own power during all of those times I needed it in my past? What if I had stood up to bullies instead of letting them form my self confidence and affect my self worth? What if I told people what I thought back when it mattered instead of struggling to gain ground now? What if I hadn’t let fear and my need for feeling safe affect every single decision I have made the last almost twenty years? What if I turned him in when it happened? What if I stopped waiting for people to give me acceptance and found it in myself instead? What if I let myself love as I knew I was capable of instead of how I thought everyone would accept? What if I let that person kiss me? What if I tried to kiss first? What if I wasn’t afraid? What if I learned how to stop giving fucks well before most of my fucks were gone? What if I met certain people in my life before I did? What if I had said no instead of yes? Or yes instead of no? What if I did what I wanted instead of what I thought I should do, what would allow others to accept me, what was safe? What if…?

The “what if spiral” can go PRETTY DEEP if I let it, so I try not to let it. I really, genuinely try to not go down the “what if” road. Some of the answers are scary to think about; they may make me uncomfortable. May make others uncomfortable. May hurt. But, sometimes, it’s unavoidable. I have to ask myself these questions. I have to do the shadow work that will help me come into my own power and not wonder what if, cuz I will know and truly understand how and why all of those what if moments HAD to happen to lead me here… and will have to be examined to lead me to something better – self acceptance and peace, a much-needed thing in my world. So much needed. I’ll get there, for sure. One day, one “what if” at a time…

What do you wonder “what if” about? I’d love to start a conversation around this.

Just a song I love by a band I love, about the “if” questions…

I know it seems silly to wonder “What If”; sometimes, it’s all I’ve got.

what if

IC Awareness Challenge – Days 5 and 6….

Due to unforeseen challenges from yesterday, I am combining days five and six today. So, here it goes.

Day Five: Something Happy. I try to remain upbeat most of the time, so I try to remain happy as much as possible. So, for me, I find something happy every single day. It isn’t always easy – it’s life in the political era of today after all – but I do. I have to! Life is too short to be miserable. Finding something to be happy about every single day is imperative to my well-being. And it keeps me going.

This video ALWAYS makes me smile, and I play it to make myself smile when I need a pick me up. It just makes me happy…

Day Six: Meds. As I talked about briefly the other day, I do take some medicines sort of for IC, but none of them are prescriptions or the like. I take a fistful of vitamins, iron, probiotics, coconut oil, and Advil. I have some samples of Prelief, which is a drug that helps eradicate acid in food, but I have not tried it. I know that other medicines exist that I could get prescriptions for pain killers and the like. But, I have the type of system that cannot tolerate Benadryl let alone prescription drugs. If you’ve seen the videos of the girls after anesthesia, where they talk all crazy and shit, that’s me on, like, hydrocodone. I took one Oxy after my hysterectomy, and I laid in bed and felt my blood running through my body. I took the bottle to the Fire Dept the next day and that was that. No more. So, I am hesitant to try medications. I do a lot of essential oil things for every day life, and I know a lot of them are good for bladder-y things as well.


This is pretty much my motto…

Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going…

*blows into mic*

Is this thing on? I can’t believe it’s been, like, over a year since I’ve tapped this keg of awesome. Life has been incredibly busy lately (clearly), and this hasn’t been a priority. I could lie to you and say that I will make it one, but why waste my time? I don’t know if it will or not; we’ll take this relationship day by day.

In today’s news, I am celebrating myself today. Two years ago today, I lost a pretty significant piece of me, and I haven’t really been able to celebrate/mourn that since. I had every intention of celebrating it last year, but I was waiting for another operation on the docket to fix the broken down parts of me, so all pomp and circumstance went out the window. However, today is the day.

Two years ago today, I had my hysterectomy to remove the part of me that had been so tied to my identity for a long time prior. I did not have a choice; it had to be done. And with that operation came the need for another last summer to help tie up some other things that attempted to exit the Southside, so I guess two years ago was the start of a downhill slide for me physically and, honestly, mentally.

My uterus was a place where I grew and nurtured three beautiful babies, where another baby didn’t quite make it, and where countless other pregnancies could have taken place over the course of my life, but for one reason or another, did not. Women are pretty keyed-in to their inside parts, and the uterus is a pretty important one in terms of womanhood; it’s the incubator of life, which many consider to be a woman’s real superpower (I do not, but that’s another story). And in losing that piece of me, I didn’t realize I was losing a sense of self in a way.

My uterus coming out led to a chain reaction of other issues, one of which I will carry with me for all of my days in terms of a chronic bladder condition. No longer will I be able to just live comfortably or eat whatever I want without fear of pain. Discomfort is pretty much a common thing around these parts nowadays, and that really has a way of messing with you. My mind has been fuzzy, lost, confused, sad, angry, hurt. It’s hard to keep your wits about you when your basic needs of comfort aren’t being met. It’s hard to smile sometimes when, really, crying is the only thing that makes sense, the only real way to express the turmoil inside.

I haven’t been the same since this whole process started two years ago – how could I? I’ve withdrawn in many ways and threw myself out onto limbs in others.  I have felt lost, abandoned by my own body. I have felt betrayed, scared. I’ve begun to feel anger again, which is something I thought I lost when Poppa died. I didn’t realize how good it felt to FEEL things again – I’ve tried for so long to not feel much. It’s easier that way. Cutting off emotions is honestly one of the easiest ways I have found to get by with all of this – doesn’t sound healthy, but it’s effective as hell.

I have felt sorry for my husband who cannot fix this even if he tried. In a way, my losses are his, as a part of me that I knew and was accustomed to has grown dimmer. He didn’t ask for his wife to, quite literally, fall apart at the seams. But, I did. And for that, I am sorry for him. I see the look he gets in his eyes sometimes when I am in pain, or when I lash out due to just being so uncomfortable in my skin that anger is the only thing I can produce. And it hurts me to know that in this way, he can be hurting as well. It isn’t fair, but neither is life. We don’t get to pick the winning side.

My girls are used to it, often asking me what I can and can’t eat. We’ve named my bladder so they can check in on it and see how I am feeling. They are very in tune to me, so when I am having an off day, they know. And they are such good kids; I don’t deserve them, that is for sure.

Today, though, is for me. I am going to do something I have wanted to do for almost a decade. I am also going to take myself to lunch. I am going to celebrate the fact that, regardless of my physical inadequacies, I am still here. I will still be here. Even when I am doubled over in pain and feeling the sorriest for myself I have ever felt, being here is better than the alternative. Sometimes a little wallow in some self pity is a refreshingly necessary swim. However, I am ever grateful for each day I am on this planet to raise a little hell and do a little good.

My body has failed me time and again, but my mind is my weapon, sharp as ever, ready to fight. And come what may, I am a force to be reckoned with. In two years, I have managed to lose so much that it’s hard to categorize it all; my light may have dimmed in some big ways, but it for sure is still glowing – ever present. I am reminded of the song that has been buzzing about my head for about four days…

“Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going.”