Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day Ten

Write about something about which I feel strongly… (100 word challenge for myself)

I feel strongly about a lot of things, but nothing right now so much as the power of letting go. Let go of things that do not serve you. Let go of opportunities that do not bring you joy. Let go of people who only want you when it is beneficial for them to be around you. Let go of habits that become too heavy or expensive. Let go of mistakes and find beauty in the mess. Let go of expectations. Let go of self doubt, fears. Let go of everything that stops you from being the best you possible.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day Nine

Words of wisdom that speak to me….

I find that every day I see new words and phrases that inspire me and speak to me.  I have ALWAYS been into motivational quotes, inspiring words, and I believe that using words is the best way we can inspire action in ourselves and in others.

I have SO MANY OF THESE examples (visit my Pinterest account to see my folders of them). But currently, I am focusing on a lot of self affirmations and the like. Also, song lyrics speak to me, so a lot of my faves are found in songs.

I’d say I am not going to choose a few to highlight but rather just suggest that anyone reading this go and find their own words of wisdom. It doesn’t have to be motivational. Or uplifting. Or positive (some of the best things aren’t!). But really find those quotes and words that inspire action in you and speak to your soul. I could list about 2087 of them here, but I would rather someone think on words of wisdom that speak to them. Feel free to share yours in the comments, if you are so inclined.

Words are our most powerful tool. And I’m madly in love with them.

30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 8

Share something I struggle with…

I struggle with a lot of things, but tonight I am struggling with feeling like enough. Sometimes, I never feel like I am enough. I can work hard, I can parent hard, I can wife hard, and sometimes it still feels like something, somewhere is being left behind. I never feel like I can give 100% to everything, so I am doing a lot to make sure my energy is focused on what I CAN do, what lights ME up.

I am pulling back on things that do not light me up. I am taking care of myself and doing what I can to stay above board. I am blessing and releasing like it’s nobody’s business (cuz it’s not). And I am seriously just cutting myself slack and giving myself grace.

I am taking time off for myself every evening at 8pm. ALL work stops for me unless it’s work on ME. My spirit. My journaling. My reading. My own care. I give and give and give all day, and now I am taking back my evenings. Weekends, too. They’re now mine and my family’s. I am passing on opportunities that do not serve me or create more work for me. And you know what? It’s fucking amazing.

Sometimes I do not feel like enough, honestly. But, I think it’s okay. As long as I am good with me, that’s all that matters. And really, at the end of the day, I am okay with me. I may not always LOVE me or be HAPPY, but I am working really hard to be truly content with my life, my decisions, and the ways I am now choosing to spend my time (and who I spend it on).

I only get this one life; I refuse to spend any more time on things/people/opportunities/experiences that do not truly light me up, serve me well, and bring me joy. I’m too old for nonsense… AND I am enough. I know that. But, sometimes I struggle to remember it.


Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day Seven

Ten Songs I am Loving Right Now…
(how in the world do I only pick ten!?)….
Also in no order…
Also will only try to pick one from each band/artist that is my fave…

  1. “Remember Me” from Coco Soundtrack
  2. “I Came. I Saw. I Believed.” by Anti-Flag
  3. “Spanish Moss” by Against Me!
  4. “Ladybug” by Breaking Benjamin
  5. “Do You Really Want It” by Nothing More
  6. “The ’59 Sound” by Gaslight Anthem
  7. “Other Worlds” by Trivium
  8. “Nowhere Fast” by Incubus
  9. “What More Can I Say?” by ’68
  10. “We All Need More Kindness in This World” by We Banjo 3

**BONUS: “My Life in the Knife Trade” by boysetsfire,
“Sacrilegium I” by Zeal & Ardor, “Frequency” by Starset


30 Day Writing Challenge, Day Four

Someone who inspires me in 100 words (I set the word limit; it wasn’t prescribed)

Caelan inspires me to be a better person because she sees through the bullshit and tells it like it is. If she doesn’t like something, she says it. If she sees injustice, she speaks on it. She sees the world in a way I aspire to – not for how she WANTS it to be, but for how it is from her view. She is funny and real and honest and raw, and she doesn’t give shits. She has become such a strong little lady in the last few years, and I am in complete awe of her every single day.


30 Day Writing Challenge, Day Two

Something someone told me about myself that I will never forget…

I suppose the one thing that I always come back to when I think of things that others have told me about myself is that I am real. I don’t know what that means all the time, since my own reality tends to shift and change, but I think I understand the underlying theme. I am real in that I do not fake things, and if I find myself in a situation where I absolutely have to fake something, it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I physically ache and feel my body reacting to the fakery. It is not fun.

I do not hide my emotions well. My face gives me away. Those who know me know what to look for in my actions or expressions to understand how I am feeling. My words sometimes don’t tell the same story as my face.

In being real, I also rarely tell people what they want to hear. I don’t believe in lying for lying’s sake, and if I do need to embellish the truth, I always have good reason. Again, though, I do not have the ability to lie for long because my expressions tell the truth.

I guess if I’m going to be known for something, I suppose it’s good to be known for being genuine and real. I can’t fake things or lie to save my own life. I don’t believe in it. I want to be the person people know they can trust, so I act in accordance with that. I will tell you if your boyfriend is being a dick in the same breath that I use to tell you that the dress you are trying on does not flatter you. I won’t lie – why bother?

Life is too short to be anything but who you are. In my own life, I am working on that and figuring out who I am going to be. Everyone should work on that – the world is full of enough copycats. Why do you want to be something you’re not? Authenticity is the key to a happier, fuller life. Why would you aspire to be anything other than your genuine, authentic self and life the life meant for YOU? It seems silly to me.

Don’t settle for a half life. Live YOUR life as authentically as possible – even if, like me, you’re not sure what that looks like all the time. We’re all just figuring out our own shit, one day (and sometimes five minutes) at a time.


Thirty Day Writing Challenge

Day One: List Ten Things That Make You Really Happy

  1. Writing.
  2. Books.
  3. Music.
  4. Being a part of the Anderson Five.
  5. Learning.
  6. Sunshine.
  7. Being near water.
  8. Being in NYC.
  9. New office supplies.
  10. Remembering to practice self care.
    *BONUS: Long conversations with friends and also bonfires*