Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 18

Post thirty facts about myself…. oh boy.

  1. I am 36 years old.
  2. I am 5’4.5″ tall.
  3. I have decided purple is my natural hair color.
  4. I am a good mom.
  5. I am a good friend and listener because I am not judgmental.
  6. I love my children and husband.
  7. I love learning about things that fascinate me. I am forever a student.
  8. I love books more than I love people.
  9. I have a chronic illness that sometimes makes day to day life very hard.
  10. I also have a diagnosed mental illness that makes day to day life very hard at times.
  11. I am working on myself in order to not let #9 and 10 take over my existence.
  12. I love helping people.
  13. I can be insecure, but I am working on that.
  14. I am funny when I want to be.
  15. I am not ticklish.
  16. I want to start a nonprofit some day helping others heal their lives through writing.
  17. I will have a full time job in my field before the start of the next school year, if all goes according to my plan.
  18. I love the freedom that a little extra money gives me.
  19. I am an intermittent faster, and some days are easier than others.
  20. I love having my nails polished.
  21. I wear an ankle brace I have lovingly named Laura Jane Brace.
  22. I love the color black.
  23. I will die not having read all of the books I own.
  24. I have no problem telling you if I have a problem with you.
  25. I have so many favorite bands and favorite songs that I will never be able to choose one over another in good conscience.
  26. Warm baths with a good book and some yummy incense are my jam.
  27. I am not heterosexual, and sometimes I do not mind the privilege that I have in “passing” in common society thanks to being married to a man.
  28. I say I am not romantic, but I am discovering I kind of am in some ways.
  29. I love things that smell good and have air fresheners of some variety in every room in our house.
  30. I am really getting into numerology and find the laws of numbers and the Universe fascinating.

That’s all. images

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