IC Awareness Challenge – Days 5 and 6….

Due to unforeseen challenges from yesterday, I am combining days five and six today. So, here it goes.

Day Five: Something Happy. I try to remain upbeat most of the time, so I try to remain happy as much as possible. So, for me, I find something happy every single day. It isn’t always easy – it’s life in the political era of today after all – but I do. I have to! Life is too short to be miserable. Finding something to be happy about every single day is imperative to my well-being. And it keeps me going.

This video ALWAYS makes me smile, and I play it to make myself smile when I need a pick me up. It just makes me happy…

Day Six: Meds. As I talked about briefly the other day, I do take some medicines sort of for IC, but none of them are prescriptions or the like. I take a fistful of vitamins, iron, probiotics, coconut oil, and Advil. I have some samples of Prelief, which is a drug that helps eradicate acid in food, but I have not tried it. I know that other medicines exist that I could get prescriptions for pain killers and the like. But, I have the type of system that cannot tolerate Benadryl let alone prescription drugs. If you’ve seen the videos of the girls after anesthesia, where they talk all crazy and shit, that’s me on, like, hydrocodone. I took one Oxy after my hysterectomy, and I laid in bed and felt my blood running through my body. I took the bottle to the Fire Dept the next day and that was that. No more. So, I am hesitant to try medications. I do a lot of essential oil things for every day life, and I know a lot of them are good for bladder-y things as well.


This is pretty much my motto…

And how does this make you feel?

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