IC Awareness Challenge – Day Four, Cystoscopy

Well, I can honestly say that my cystoscopy experiences have not been as traumatic or painful as some others. I wasn’t aware I was having them, as I explained yesterday. Mine became part of both my hysterectomy and my sacrocolpopexy, so I wasn’t aware of what would happen. And though they can be performed under anesthesia anyway, usually recovery from them is painful. For me, it was all rolled into the pain of recovery, so for me, I was like “Everything hurts and I’m dying” anyway.

A cystoscopy is the main method that doctors use to diagnose interstitial cystitis. In a cystoscopy, a patient has her/his bladder investigated from the inside with a camera. There are different types of cystoscopy procedures, depending on what a patient needs. Sometimes, this procedure can be used to reduce symptoms or send IC into remission. I have yet to experience any of those benefits.

Obviously, it is very invasive. And in many ways, it is not necessary for pain relief, as many find their symptoms get worse after or see no real benefit either way. Many people rely on them, though, and that serves as another example of how mysterious and hard to pin down IC is – what works for one will not always work for another.

Myself, I don’t see jumping into a chair and having this done in my near or distant future However, I do understand that it is an available treatment option for pain. More on treatments to come… Stick around for the rest of IC Awareness month!


I couldn’t find a photo for this one that didn’t make me mouth-puke, so here’s a kitten.

And how does this make you feel?

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