Life Hacks

Every now and then, I think of some things that I like to do that make my life easier, and I figure I could impart that wisdom to you all.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, but here are a few life hacks that I have been implementing recently that I think someone else may find useful and, therefore, find success with as well. Please feel free to comment below or email me your life hacks, and I will add them to a future post for all users to enjoy!

1. I have been moving the change from my checking account ledger into my savings account after every transaction. I used to do it once a night, but I find it is easier to just do it after I balance it out every time I use my debit card. This means to use it, you must be as crazy disciplined as me to balance your book after every transaction. I’m a bit anal about it. It works! Small change adds up; I saved $3.26 this weekend alone that went right into my savings! You can also do it at the end of every day’s spending or at the end of the week, depending on your level of savings prowess or desire to just see .00 at the end column of your check register. It all adds up.

2. I have found that only washing my face at night, and rinsing it in the morning, has made my skin softer and more glowy than it ever has been. Note, I said “glowy” not “greasy”. This cuts some time off of my morning as well, and with three kids running around, I need every second I can get in the morning.

3. I also have found that if I make myself fold a basket of laundry a day, I don’t get behind. I can do this while watching mindless TV at night or while playing games like Crossy Road. I don’t need to think much, and it helps me from being buried under mountains of laundry, which can happen super easily in a house with five people. Also? Folding is kind of meditative, and I grab any meditation time I can get!

4. I bought a shower scrubbing brush to keep in my tub so that when I am done in the shower, I only have to wipe down the walls once to keep it clean, instead of the weekly scrubbing and bleaching and chemical-ing. I do not have time for nonsense, and this keeps my life nonsense-free.

5. Also? I now take showers at night. It is a nice way to wind down. I used to only shower in the morning, but mornings are nutty around here, so I do it at night. It really allows me to have a little less stress in the morning hours, and I go to bed clean. I love anything I can do to save time and sanity.

6. And? 2000 Flushes+Bleach saves me some toilet cleaning mess and hassle. For $3, I’m covered for 4 months. I cannot complain about that!!

With my upcoming surgery in a week, I love finding new ways to simplify things and to keep life moving with little to no interruption. What are your favorite life hacks? Share them and find your suggestions on a post in the very near future!!

Let’s talk life hacks!!


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