A little housekeeping is in order…

So, fine followers and readers of this little piece of cyberspace, I have good news. No, no, I am not having another baby. This is better than that! *drum roll, Maestro….*

I am changing this domain name!! Woot!! Soon, I will no longer be babycakesandwafflefries.org. I am going to switch it to something more suitable now to my lifestyle since I have more than two children. As you may remember, babycakesandwafflefries came from the nicknames I gave my two, now oldest and middle, daughters. With the birth and addition of Finola as our third, I have decided it’s time for a facelift on the old domain name. Keep posted to get the new name so as not to miss a beat!! THIS IS SO EXCITING, GUYS!! Can you feel it!? I CAN FEEL IT!!

*UPDATE* The new domain name is devontasteslifetwice.com. SO, check it out!! Bookmark it. Subscribe. Whatever. That’s where you will find this. 🙂

Second, I am excited to share that I am a MINIVAN MOMMA!! I know, I know, I said I would never ever in a million years ever get a minivan. BUT! Three kids means I need a bigger car, and the Equinox has been on its last leg for about three years now. SO…. I proudly present….

IMG_20140410_143030The minivan.

She is a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, and I have decided to name her Saoirse O’Blue. (SAYR-shah is the pronunciation of her first name). I have loved that name for years, and my husband shot it down at every turn (I know, what a SHOCK, right!?). So, since she is my baby girl minivan, and it is not his concern, Saoirse it is. Saoirse O’Blue. She’s gotta be Irish, you know!! The kids love her. I love her. And I don’t know what took me so long to get on board with it all. I paid less for her new than some of her used friends were on the lot for, so I can’t complain about that one little bit, now can I? 🙂 Minivans!! Rule.

I only have a few weeks left of classes, and then it is off for the summer. I would love to teach this summer, but am looking forward to spending some time with the girls as a Mommy. Ask me again about mid-June how that is coming along, and how many bottles of sangria I have polished off. My mind, though, will not go to mommy mush!! I will be hopefully setting aside more time to write, for I need it to live. AND! I will be taking classes to start fulfilling some goals I have in regards to my further education. I am going to be completing my Composition Certificate next Spring semester, and then I will be rolling into another Masters program in English Composition.

WHAT!? TWO MASTERS!? But WHY, Mrs. FancyPants do you want TWO MASTERS!?!?!?

Well, for starters, excellent question. I have come to the blinding realization that English is what I need to be doing. With the Writers Workshop from last weekend still blazing in my mind (Claire McMillan did follow me on the Twitter, by the way! SQUEE!!), I realized that I need to be around writers. And writing. And helping students with writing. So, I want to be able to help them to full capacity. As it stands now, I can only teach the developmental courses, which is awesome, but I want more (I know, you’re so surprised). Plus, I want to be able to diversify my abilities within the school I teach at, and I want to be able to one day be in a leadership role. Having a Masters in English composition will put me in position for that role. Ideally, I will also then get my PhD in something, but as it stands, the University is cutting a TON of PhD programs, and there is a lot of unease in it at the moment. Besides, my children are small. And I am in no way ready for the rigor of a PhD program anyway. AND I don’t find the idea of educating myself out of a job to be such a glamorous idea, so another Masters it is (this one will be on the house, which is really one of the best reasons to get it!). This summer I am taking a few education courses I have been interested in to help me in the classroom, and in the Fall, it is onward and upward to finish that Comp certificate. YEE-HAW! Let’s do it!! I love learning, and I love writing more than most things. This is a win-win. Career advancement + following my passion for words + helping budding writers with words = BAZINGA!

I don’t know what took me so long to come back to this and realize this is my destiny as a writer and educator of writing, but I am glad I had the journey that I did. That Writers Workshop changed my life in many ways, and I am glad I was a part of it to be able to see the truth standing right in front of me. It had always been there, but I ignored it out of trepidation. I think a part of me is afraid that teaching writing on a grander scale may make me not want to write as much (like when you work in fast food and all of a sudden can’t stomach a Frosty anymore). As I have been writing since I was a very young child, I don’t think anything will quell the desire to tell others’ stories and lives through the written word. I will be brave, as Sara Bareilles asks us to. I will be brave and let the words fall out.

brave lyricI love this song… SO empowering for everyone, especially those who feel voiceless…How are you showing the world how big your brave is?

And how does this make you feel?

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