Tonight, my child ate bubbles…

After a great day off and a fun evening of giggles, I made a delicious dinner, and the girls had bath time. If my husband is home, bath is his thing. He does it well, and I let him. I encourage it even. But, he is on afternoons, so it came to me. I stripped down all three ladies, added some bubbles, and let the water flow. Apparently, and I didn’t know this before, this was Finola’s first bubble bath with big bubbles in it. So, she started exploring. She put bubbles in her hands, on her face and head, and on her chest. She discovered tonight more than the power of suds in water; she discovered the power of laughter.

She began putting bubbles to her mouth, leading them to go in her mouth (which is where everything goes at 8 months old), and Caelan laughed so hard. Finola realized this was funny, and she laughed along while shoving another fingerful of bubbles in her mouth. Then she had all of us ladies laughing, including herself. She discovered that her sister would laugh harder if she put bubbles on her nose while eating them, leading her to experiment more with new bubble placement. She was covered in bubbles by the time it was all said and done. And she had an absolute blast. It was a riot. At one point we all were laughing so hard that Finola threw herself back, lying on her sister’s legs, and that made her laugh even harder. It was so awesome. I am so glad that I was there to witness it, as I often feel like I miss the good stuff.

See, that is the good stuff. Sure, the bubbles weren’t organic and probably not super fit for consumption. It’s not like she drank the whole bottle. She was learning and experimenting, seeing what would happen. She was working on cause and effect and led us to have a memory to last a long time. It’s not always about big things: trips, presents, experiences out of the ordinary. No. It is about these little moments – bubbles, eating big girl food together, laughing as sisters, clapping and singing and dancing along with Frozen, being sisters who love each other every single day- that will matter the most to the girls as they grow up. It’s about being together, having fun, everyone in a good mood, and enjoying each other’s company. The night went so well that I pushed my own limits and made up a game for them to play called Tiny Tornadoes, where they would clean up the living room for points, and who ever had the most points would get two snacks before beds. They loved it, and they both (miraculously enough) cleaned up so well that we also tackled their bedroom and everyone got double snacks. I was the Best Mom Ever once again, the girls’ room got organized a bit better than it was before, and my living room no longer looks like a daycare exploded inside it. Everyone wins. Sigh. If only every night could be like this…

I have this exact print on my wall inside my front door…
And it is the best reminder I need everyday.Enjoy-The-Little-Things-In-Life-Motivational-Love-QuotesCherish the little things,
They do get bigger.

And how does this make you feel?

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