I really, really like not spending money…

I do. I really, really do. As much as I enjoy shopping and spending money on things (for me, for the kids, for the husband, for friends and family…any reason, really, to get someone a little something is good for me), I enjoy not spending it more. And since we had such success last year on having a No Spend Month in February, we are going to do it again this year. In fact, I am hoping to do three No Spend Months (NSM from here on out) this year. We incurred a bit of a flood in our basement (if two inches of water inside a house, where it is definitely not welcome, constitutes a flood, which I believe it does) two days before Christmas Eve when we lost power for seven hours and the sump pumps stopped working. Due to this, we had to tear up our floor, tear down our walls, take down the ceiling (which we were going to do whenever we reno’ed the basement, but as it some of it FELL down on my husband, we decided to just let it come down and start everything from scratch, the right way), and start buckling down for a full reno. See, we have always planned on doing the basement AFTER we tackle the bathroom (on that in a minute), but Mother Nature decided to make us gut it first. YAY Nature..and water… and floods.

The bathroom has always been on the agenda since the day we moved in. Our bathroom is, however, the last room we have touched thanks to moving in, having kids, employment misadventures, and the like. The bathroom, to quote my dad is “not an appealing place to be.” It would be the most costly reno to tackle to date (aside from the bathroom), so monetarily, it wasn’t a priority to get to. And it should have been, as it is the one room we all use all through the day. It is an original piece of work, as in original wallpaper (had amazing silky wallpaper with flowers on it), large countertop, floor tiles that are peeling up, and a shower that is the least relaxing place to be. We don’t have a vent fan, so we have to open the windows or just let the house simmer in moisture, and the toilet has a button. And sailboats on the lid….


See? I am not kidding. THIS is not where I want to do the daily…

But we have done the daily on this thing for six years. And yes, we could have changed the lid, but it’s so nautical. It’s truly the one bright spot in there. I can almost hear the gulls and waves now….

ANYWAY, we have decided we are going to tackle the bathroom to make it not suck err, add value to the home err, make it a place we can be proud to have our friends use when they come over, and make it a nice place to be. Since, as Dad says, it isn’t appealing. And what’s worse than an unappealing bathroom? Really? Nothing. That’s what. After the bathroom, we will do the basement, as we can afford it. I do not want to have to borrow money, or use credit cards, to complete the project. I don’t care if it takes us all year; I want to do it as we can. I did promise the girls we would have a Christmas tree down there next year, so I am hoping it is completed in large part by then, so there is that. So, we have until 12.24.2014 at the latest. 🙂 There. A goal. And we all know I love goals. And lists!! I can make many lists with these new goals I am making (!!!), but I digress.

Basically, during an NSM, we don’t spend any money on anything that isn’t a bill, a necessity (groceries, fuel, doctors, and the like), the 52 week savings challenge (on four accounts!), or an emergency (and, sadly, going out to dinner is not an emergency). We will follow the meal plan, be mindful of our grocery bill and driving, and every extra penny not allocated to those items will be socked away in our home renovation fund. I look forward to being able to have a new bathroom, start working on the basement, and continue living simply. Click to read our adventures from last year (it’s a real page-turner, I assure you): No Spend Month 2013.

It won’t be super fun, but February is the shortest month, so it won’t be awful. Besides, we don’t “need” much beyond the necessities. We will just write down anything we are considering spending money on, and sit on it for the month. Or, as my husband says, buy everything this month, haha. He’s a real card, I tell you. And hopefully, we will be spending our seventh wedding anniversary in March demoing and rebuilding a bathroom fit for a family of five. 🙂

We all make sacrifices everyday, be it time away from our kids to work, time away from work for family, money to spend on food instead of funsies, or hanging out at home instead of going to the movies or mall. It is the reasons for the sacrifices we will make that define us. We will make this small sacrifice for our family, our home, and our peace of mind.

And adding a few dollars to the value of the place wouldn’t hurt, either.

saveDon’t you!?

I will chronicle our NSM this year again, and please let me know if you are planning the same kind of project, either in February or another month. I would love some accountability partners, and we can cheer each other on toward each one of our own financial goals! Comment below, and we can all do this together! 🙂

And how does this make you feel?

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