2014 = grace, patience, love, zen.

I don’t make resolutions. I always break them; I never lose the weight I say I want to lose, and I stop swearing for about three days before my vocabulary becomes colorful again. I just suck at them. But I do want to accomplish a few things in 2014, and I like to think of these as measurable goals to strive for, with plans for my success. I like goals. I like lists. And I like crossing things off of lists, including plans for success and steps for achievement.

2014 will be the year I…

1. MMOB. Mind my own business. I am generally a nosey person because I like to know things, and I have an insatiable urge to know all the things. I find myself having to know what people are doing, who they are doing it with, and why they are doing it. This is to blame on a few things, including the fact that I am still jealous a bit of my friends who have either no children or seemingly limitless funds (or both) and can do whatever they feel like doing, whenever they feel like doing it. Part of me still wants to live the life I lived before I had kids (with more money). And I think that’s natural. I wouldn’t give up my kids, ever, but my memory is strong of the days before them. I am able to see these people’s endless adventures on Facebook, mainly. And then I get all “oh it must be nice” and judgey douchebaggery ensues. And that’s not ok. As much as I overshare on FB (and I am getting to that), I don’t want others judging me, and I am sure they do. So, I am going to implement the good ole Golden Rule, and do unto others. I will have the grace to remember that my path is my path, and they may be just as envious of my adventures in mommyhood. Grace is something I have to start walking with. I am too old to be living without it. I will share less, turn more inward, and concern myself with that which truly concerns me.

2. I am grateful for everything I have because I lived the other life of someone who never felt like there was enough due to the layoff for a while this last year. I take nothing for granted, and thank everyone profusely for anything they do for me or my family. But I want to do more for others. I want to pay it forward more. I want to do RAKs, like, everyday. And I want to be anonymous. Gone are the days of needing credit for everything. Now, I want to remain anonymous, do good things for others, and just have that peace in my heart of knowing that I did something for others. I want to donate more time, talents, and treasures to others who need them. I have a lot to offer others that will not cost much or cost anything at all. And I can do that. Karma has been good to me, and it’s always good to continue to do good works to keep karma going in the right direction.

3. I will explore my creative side. I need to write more. I crave it. NEED it. I need to create. I remembered how to knit, I got a sewing machine, and I will be setting aside time for these activities. Maybe not everyday, but often. I will be creating. Without creative activities, I am half the person I am and use half of my life potential. That’s no good for anyone.

4. I will be more patient with everything: my kids, my husband, myself, others. I will meditate, pray, and remember grace, and I will walk with lighter steps in my patience for the world. Zen.

5. I will practice forgiveness. I have been forgiven by my Father in Heaven for all of my garbage, and I will forgive others for theirs. I have done a lot of that this year, and it shall just continue. Forgiveness is good for the soul, and that karma thing. Put in what I seek to get back. Golden Rule.

6. I will set boundaries for myself and for my kids. I will enforce those boundaries and pay no mind to those who seek to tear down those boundaries. I will guard my heart, my spirit, and my serenity and grant limited access to myself, my children, and our time to others. I have been very free with these things, and I am seeing the results of this. I seek to surround myself with positive people, and I can’t do that if I allow negativity and negative people or influences to infiltrate my walls. 2014 is all about positivity and light. Zen. Peace.

7. Focus on hearth and home. Work less, laugh more. Stress less, live more. Fret less, love more. Spend less, save more. Run around less, dance more. Be here for my girls. Be present for them. Motherhood first. Everything else comes after. Period.

8. Focus on my marriage. With three kids, life gets kind of…less than romantic. And I vow to focus more on my husband and our relationship, both as parents and as spouses. Again. More grace. More patience. More love. That shall be my mantra all around: grace, patience, love, zen.

How about you? Goals? Resolutions? Promises?

EmilyLey_StandardOfGracePromise. 🙂 You have my word.

And how does this make you feel?

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