Well, that’s ONE way to do it….

I have been intrigued by the idea of going “hands free” for a while. Hands free in like, not connected to my phone or technology or anything that is fun, really. I always read these blogs that wax poetic about what it means to be truly hands free, and how their kids love them so much more than my kids love me, and how wonderful a hands free life can be. The trouble is, I read them ON my iPhone. While my kids play in the living room. And I sit on the couch, vaguely aware that they are not burning the house down….

Because, folks, I am an iPhone addict. I admit it freely. I love technology. I love mindlessly scanning Facebook (since no one does it mindfully, I suppose) and reading my friends’ posts and posting things that are so inane that I am fairly positive 99% of my friends couldn’t give two shits about. But I do it anyway. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I spend the majority of my day with two (almost three) little people who just sometimes suck the adult out of me. And my FB feed is full of adults talking about adult things, doing adult things, posting adult pictures (even if they are of their kids the majority of the time.. it’s fine because their kids rule!), and just being adults. And no one on FB asks me if I can get them water, a snack, wipe their butts, or repeats the same nineteen questions in a row. I LIKE not being hands free most of the time because it helps me feel connected to people who don’t call me Mommy. But I also know that I should strive for more hands free time. They aren’t getting any younger, their youth is priceless, they need me to be present, and all of that good stuff people say that makes me feel terrible about myself as a mom as I scroll through one more round of Instagram pics of food I will never eat and cats I will never pet…

So since I have always kind of had this grand idea of imposing a hands free and technology free day or weekend, I figured this would be the perfect weekend to do it. Or, rather, the Universe decided this when my iPhone fell out of my back pocket and into a toilet full of my own pee. Without an Otterbox. Or any other remotely protective case. This is not the way I anticipated it happening, but hey, since I lack the self control to do it on my own, I might as well relish this time. So, my iPhone is powered off *gasp!*, sitting in rice, and it will remain there for the next 24-36 hours….

I will refuse temptation to use my husband’s phone. He’s a Droid guy, and that ensures he is safe… I don’t Droid. Also, I won’t be on my computer much because it’s heavy and I can’t just port it around with me…

iphone-addictionTruth. I miss it already.
I may start twitching before this is over…
Hold me?

And how does this make you feel?

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