Finola Leigh

Well, friends, after months of back and forth, of what I wanted in a name and what my husband wanted in a name, of give and take and absolute refusal to even think about it anymore, our daughter has a name. Finally. And, my husband came up with it on his own. And it happens to be a name I have loved for 26 years….

Her name will be Finola. Finola Leigh. As a lifetime General Hospital watcher, since my infancy for real, I have loved Finola Hughes. I remember reading her name on the credits when I was probably 5 and was like, “that’s a cool name!” And then she was on How Do I Look? And I have seen some of her not-so-great movies on TV before. I swear she has been on Lifetime more than once. Anyway, I have loved it forever basically. So, how did we come to it? Let me set the scene…

Last Sunday, my husband and I were with the girls at my parents’ house for dinner. Discussing names. Of course. And he had mentioned some real doozies he liked (Regina, for one. NO thanks). And he didn’t like anything I was bringing to the table (Deliah. Hollis. COOL people names…). He was on his phone *shock I know* and found Finola on a names website. As soon as he said it, I felt something inside of me jump. I am not saying it was the baby, but I think it was more relief that he finally picked something COOL and Irish and that would work with both of our other girls’ names. I lit up. I said, “yes. Finola it is. I have loved that name forever!!” I explained to him that I never suggested it because I assumed he would shoot it down like everything else I said, or he would laugh at me for it. His response? “Well, you never said it.” *face/palm*

So, it is settled. This baby finally has a name. A name I love. A name my husband chose all by himself. And one, most importantly, we can agree on! The girls love saying it (because it’s fun to say!), Ellery sings songs about Baby FUH-Nola, and I believe she likes it, too. She seems content with it. 🙂 She’s been moving around like crazy lately and really making her presence known and felt. I swear she does not want my husband to feel her because every time she gets going and I can feel her on the outside, I tell him to try and she stops. She’s being a shy fry around him, for some unknown reason. I think it’s funny. She’s silly already. Her personality is so funny. She’s all activity and motion until Daddy touches her. Then? She disappears completely. LOL! Ellery did the same thing, and she couldn’t be more of a Daddy’s Girl. Really, it’s scary sometimes. That is something for a whole other post entirely…

I found this quote, and I want to put it in her room over her crib (when we get it)…

il_fullxfull.384239895_qawdI think it fits, no? 🙂

We love you, Miss Finola Leigh.

And how does this make you feel?

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