No Spend Month, Week Two

Since I am now a professional at not spending money, I thought I would impart more No Spend Wisdom on you, kind reader. I always keep my promises! 🙂

Week Two has been uneventful. We have a birthday party for a friend of mine’s child on Sunday, and without my proper planning, that would have been a disaster in the No Spend Month plan. However, because my friend had given me a heads up on the party date, I was able to plan for the gift in advance, and scored on an awesome birthday gift for the birthday girl. All it takes is a little planning and prior thought going into things. That’s simple.

Next up was the need for new windshield wipers. And an oil change. My check oil light has been on for about three weeks now, and I consider car maintenance like that to be an emergency type of thing. It is definitely an emergency that I cannot let sit for two more weeks, that’s for sure. And my wipers have been bad since September. I know, there is no excuse to let something like that go that long, but to be honest, I use them so infrequently (I make my husband drive if he is home and the weather is wet, so my wipers get little use.) that it is easy to overlook this issue. Well, it has been kind of moist out lately, and I have been driving my car more often, so the realization that things need fixed and helped has really become apparent. The back one is hanging off of the holder-ma-bobbie (a word, yes)….

wiperMy actual wiper blade. Photo courtesy of my iPhone…

Judge my dirty car. I don’t care. Car washes are not emergencies…

These things I consider an emergency. And we have a bit of extra cash this week to make the oil change and wipers happen. My car will be so much happier once these are taken care of; I know it.

Other than gas, those two things are the only items we have had to spend money on. Not bad, I say. I’ve got this on lock.

I managed to plan a mini-vacation also for some time in May when my husband is back to work and has his long weekends. A really awesomely great and wonderful friend of mine hooked us up with a place to stay on a lake in New York for a long, 4 day weekend, and I cannot wait. We won’t know when this can happen, as we will not have his schedule for the year until he gets called back, but that will be the plan for a little getaway before the baby is born. It will cost us very little, but will be just enough for us to relax and recharge before 4 become 5… I am so grateful for my friends. Seriously. Who plans a Low Spend Vacation during No Spend Month? I do, that’s who.. 😉

Now, for some reason, I have been having some good Spidey Senses that the husband will be working again very soon. Not tomorrow soon, but I just have this notion that it won’t be an overly long wait now. Again, we don’t know until we know, and until that phone rings, I won’t believe a thing. But it’s always good to have some instincts. These ones are strong, and I have to hold onto that I suppose. In the meantime, he has been busy being an amazing dad and husband, and really, I couldn’t ask for anything more (unless those jobs came with a paycheck, of course lol). I have every penny labelled, and I like living that way. I have much more “control” over our money now than I feel I did when we had a lot more of it. Isn’t that funny? How survival mode became a way of life I will never know, but I have really learned so much through this process. It’s all been common sense, really, and as you all have seen it has not been hard to adapt to. You just do what you have to do. No heroes. This is not the time for heroes; this is a time to make it work because failure is not an option. Ever. Lemons to lemonade, friends.

This week has been boring. I read today that “if we can do something for 66 days straight, we can do it for a year, five, or thirty.” (  And, we’re well past that. The layoff will be 105 days old tomorrow *wow, that seems like SO long…but it has almost been 15 weeks since November 3*. It’s safe to say that this will be the new way of life, even when he is back to work. As I said before, more income will equal exponentially more savings, and for these lessons along the way, I am eternally grateful. It is lessons like these that change our lives and impact the way we live forever (if we have truly learned them, and not just used them in short terms for getting by). I have truly learned them.

This will be our new normal. And I am thankful.

einsteinI think this blog as of late is proof that I understand it well enough, no? 🙂

And how does this make you feel?

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