“Oh no!” she laughs…

That would be what the text would say if you told a story about the moment the ultrasound tech revealed the gender of Baby FancyPants. That was my first reaction. And it’s not because I wasn’t happy, or I didn’t want baby to have the parts that were showing on the screen. I literally could not believe it. I was really…shocked, I guess you could say. The pregnancy has been so different, so different. Which, we all know, doesn’t mean much. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked. I had been thinking it would turn out this way for a while now. But to see it on the screen, with the kicking legs and fluttering feet was just a bit stunning. I was excited, happy, elated, and relieved. And you can see why…

538246_10100577133097832_1920471670_nMeet our newest baby girl…

Yes. We are adding another girl to the mix of adventure we call life. I couldn’t be happier. Mainly because she’s alone in there. And because we know what to do with girls. Girls are kind of what we do around here, apparently. The ultrasound was unlike any I had ever had. She was so ACTIVE… she was all over the place. At one point, she was head down, in a curled up position with her head tucked, attempting to kick off the other side of my uterus and do a flip. Obviously, her sisters’ gymnastics shows have not gone unnoticed by her. She would cover her face, playing peekaboo, while opening her mouth as if to say, “boo!” And then, we got to see her yawn super big and stretch. The technician went back so we could watch it in slow motion. It was insanely cool. This little girl obviously knows she must match the energy coming from the outside world of her sisters. I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed when she would peek in and out, rubbing her face, putting her knees to her chest. She was NOT happy with the technician. She did not want to be bothered after a while, and she made it clear to all. The tech had a hard time getting a clear view of her heart, but bless her for sticking it out and getting what she needed. I got to see my daughter for a full 35 minutes, and those minutes meant so much to me.

Everything in the ultrasound turned out normal and measured on time, except a small echogenic focus on her heart. That is basically a small white spot that, if found with other triggers, could be a marker for a chromosomal abnormality. Downs Syndrome is one thing they catch with this. Since everything else looked normal in the preliminary ultrasound findings, my doctor isn’t concerned at this point. She said if they were to find something else in the ultrasound, they would be concerned, but in her words, “that’s not the case with you.” Something else to find for them to be concerned would have been like a cleft palate or other sign of an abnormality. But, as she said, they didn’t find anything in the initial ultrasound. Being proactive and not waiting around for a call, I called my doctor’s office this morning to see if I could get any more information because they told me that they would study the ultrasounds closely at night. Apparently, they did study them overnight, as the results were marked as read by two doctors, mine and another. And they didn’t flag anything on my patient charts or notes, so I have to wait until Monday when my doctor is in to see if she needs to call me back for any further action. The nurse said that these are common, as did my OB, and that they can be something that disappears or even just a movement fleck on the ultrasound. So I will wait until Monday to see if I hear anything else. Whatever it is, it is. But I don’t have any concerns at this point. No sense being concerned if it’s something that we can’t control, or nothing at all.

Other than that, we are now onto the continuing name debate (I have my favorite and am waiting for him to agree with me), and we have decided we will be repainting her nursery. It’s been the same for five years, and she can have a new look. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re having a girl during No Spend Month! 🙂 But it’s ok. We’ll spend enough on her; I can wait a few weeks. 🙂

So, there you have it. We’re having another FancyPants girl. And all four of us could not be happier.


And how does this make you feel?

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