Dear Baby FancyPants

Dear Baby FancyPants,

Tomorrow, we meet the halfway mark in our adventure together. Thursday we find out whether you will be another wonderful little lady for our family or a little boy for us to start a whole new adventures with. Everyone asks me if we were trying for a boy. And we weren’t. That would be silly, to try for something that has a 50/50 chance of being real and it being something as big as “life creation”. I’m not a bettin’ lady. So, no. We were not trying for anything but a baby. And luckily, we know you are at least that. Everyone then asks me if I want a boy this time, and I used to say yes. Because, well, a boy sounds great. But then I looked at these two little sprites who are your sisters, and I realized that another girl wouldn’t be a bad thing, at all. We know what do with girls. And your sisters could not be more different from each other (this is the first time I have said, “your sisters”, and I have to admit it choked me a up a bit) and we’ve still figured it out so far with minimal damage. If we had another girl to add to this crazy mix, it would just mean we have to work harder and smarter to be able to afford three weddings in the future, if that is the path you so choose.

A boy, though, wouldn’t be bad. It would be fun! We could get to know how to be parents of a boy. We wouldn’t raise you differently, but we would have a whole new set of things to experience. Like, projectile pee for example. And whether or not to circumcise. And how to deal with new puberty hormones, when it comes to that. Basically, we would have to figure out how to raise a person with a penis. That would, essentially, be the biggest difference. Everything else we can figure out along the way. Parenting is a great adventure that way.

You have been mega active in the past few days, which is always fun. I have to admit, I kind of like being the only person to ‘know’ you, even though I know your daddy and sisters can’t wait to know you, too. But I think it’s important that you and I just have these last 20 weeks or so together. It’s not that I don’t like sharing, I do, but this is the best part of pregnancy to me. Just you and me, rolling through life together (well, until I waddle, but again, adventure!). I dig it. Let’s keep it up for as long as we can, k? No early arrivals, please and thank you.

So., whatever you happen to be, know that we are so excited to find out and start planning for you. Good news! If you’re a girl, you get a new paint job in your nursery! Daddy and I decided we will change it up for you, since it has been the same for almost five years. And if you’re a boy, you have a new paint job, too! Everyone loves new paint! šŸ™‚ Either way, we can’t be more excited to see you, to love you, and to figure out what your name will be (don’t ask. Daddy has not been the most cooperative being on this matter, but we will figure it out!). We are so blessed to be your parents, to let you meet your big sisters and crazy family, and to raise you to be a responsible, caring, and respectful citizen of this wacky place we call our world.

77784d7596d6060c9a11ad13572386faI absolutely adore this quote… And it is SO true…


And how does this make you feel?

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