Pregnancy 3.0

I haven’t posted much about this pregnancy, and I intend to make up for that today. First of all, I am so glad that I am pregnant. I am over the moon. I am so excited for another child and blessing in our house. We planned this pregnancy, and it happened as nature intends, and all is well. I am happy. Excited. Elated. I feel like I need to start out with that because the rest of this post isn’t so lovey dovey about this pregnancy.

The third time around, one would expect to know what is going to happen. Relatively so anyway. I was like, pregnancy wasn’t always terrible (there was that heart condition last time, but I have full faith it won’t happen this time. Don’t ask me how I know, and know that I could be totally wrong.). I didn’t HATE being pregnant with my first two. Sure, I fell a lot (vertigo + center of gravity differences + general gestational wobbliness = falling). But it was relatively smooth sailing when it was good. This pregnancy, however, has really opened my eyes and shown me that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT BEING PREGNANT. The end. This time has been a complete 180, and I don’t know if maybe this is a boy, or multiples, or a small band of beasts, or what. But I am learning a lot this time around. And it’s a whole new world of adventure! (I feel like Aladdin)…

Welcome to Pregnancy Rant 2013, Vol. 1

*Things I have never experienced while pregnant before now*

1. I was nauseous, everyday, all day, for roughly 15 weeks straight. What. The. Hell. I mean, nauseous. Bad nauseous. And, because I am not a puker, I could not alleviate the nausea in any way. And not for lack of effort. I gave it the old college try. But it was not to be. So, I suffered along, nauseous and barely able to eat or drink much. It got to the point that noodle soup and water made it bad. Really? The TWO THINGS you need when you are sick, and they made me sicker. Awesome Sauce. But yay pregnancy and baby and blessings and yay!! Yes? Yes!

2. Now that I am just about 19 weeks along *tomorrow*, I am feeling better nausea-wise. It still depends on what I eat, but in all, I am ok. Now I am dealing with PREGNANCY MASK. Oh yes, my friends. Nothing makes you feel more self conscious than an entire section of your face being red, raw, peeling, painful, and wonderously not able to be covered up by makeup. It’s really appealing. I probably look like I stick my face in ice water before I leave the house. The rawness is ridiculous. It hurts to wash my face, apply moisturizer, and look at it in general. It’s so gross. But, hey, this is all worth it, no? (I keep telling myself that). The cold winter weather is truly doing nothing to help, as you kind reader can imagine. But I don’t have to be pretty or look not insane because I am pregnant! And its a miracle! Yes? Yay pregnancy!

3. I now know where my round ligaments are. And they suck. I have terrible round ligament pain, which I don’t recall having ever before. I know why this time around it is bad, and that is because my abdominal muscles tore to shreds with Ellery. That’s what having three times the amount of fluid you should have does to you (and makes your heart bad, check!). I feel like an aging old woman, gripping my stomach when I move. I couldn’t roll over in bed last night because it made me want to cry. I am going to go today to get a support belt because I need it. It won’t be pretty I am sure, but I don’t care as long as it helps. It hurts to move, to lift, to sit, to stand. It sucks in general. BUT I am SO excited for baby, so it’s worth it!

4. My appetite is insane. I literally have turned into a teenage boy. I can eat literally all day long. If I am awake, I am starving. And not just starving, like feed me or I will kill you and eat your innards starving. With the other two, it wasn’t this bad. But Good Lord, look out. I DO NOT eat 24/7 because I know what that will do to my body, and I do not have time to lose the house I would assuredly gain. But know that I am always thinking of food, planning my next meal or snack, and in general pining for food. It’s ridiculous. I can only assume that my baby will be a huge baby with a ravenous appetite, but one never knows. Yay Baby! Pregnancy is FUN!!

5. Also? I am thirstier than I have ever been ever in my life. I drink probably at least two gallons of water every single day. I drink a bottle alone overnight *which does nothing for the peeing*. I drink all day. I do allow myself that. I do worry because of my fluid issue before, but I was never this thirsty with the other two. And really, if I am not going to allow myself to eat all day, I might as well guzzle the H2O with vigor and quench that constant craving. So basically if you see me out and about, assume I am thinking of drinking and eating. Unless I am drinking and eating. In that case, assume I am planning the next round of eating and drinking. What a miracle, incubating and growing a child….Blessing!!

6. I will not even talk about the rate of growth of my boobs, the going up a size and it still not being enough to contain them. The pain, the aches, the insane pressure they put on my now-too-small new bras. Nope. Pregnancy is awesome!!

Yes, I am happy that I am pregnant, and it is a blessing, but I don’t pretend that it’s a joy ride. Pregnancy is definitely not for the weak. No sissies allowed on this ride. I will find out what I am having on February 7, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, share with me your pregnancy stories. The good. The bad. The ugly. I’d love to know what other momentous things I have to look forward to that I NEVER experienced before. 🙂


Especially if you are eating, and I want what you have… lol

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