Here’s something I needed as a kid….

So, we all know that I am a huge feminist and proponent of women’s equal access to everything. This is not news to anyone.

Also, we know that I have a healthy level of confidence in myself and my abilities. I pretty much rock the world. Really. While I am good at many things, there are plenty of things I just suck at. Plain old suck. I can’t even pretend to be good at quantum physics, math, knowing my way around a new town (even if I drive through it), understanding the big deal about the Ohio State Buckeyes, letting someone surprise me for any reason (except my cousin Kim who sent me flowers for my birthday TOTALLY unexpectedly!), and engineering. I have no brain for engineering. None. I couldn’t tell you how to rig a pulley, load a simple machine, run an elevator…none of it. And what is sad is when I was “gifted” (I think I am still gifted, but adults sound like assholes if they call themselves “gifted” lol), I did courses on this stuff and remember none of it. It just escapes my realm of understanding. I wish I had something to really instill these concepts in me as a youngster. I just feel I have been cheated in a way because I lack these skills. My dad did his best to bring me knowledge of space and science, and he did a damn good job because I am still all about that. I just know he struggled with me in physics and the like because the brain power for me just was not there. But he tried. There is nothing wrong with me, don’t get me wrong. I just am wired differently, and as a perfectionist and driven overachiever, I wish I was good at ALL.THE.THINGS. I am as “writer/artistic/creative thinking/outside the box solutions/numbers and letters should never comingle” brained as you can get. My husband has that “math/spatial concepts/building/physics/space/science/numbers” kind of brain, and God knows I hope my girls inherit that from him (which would be better than his hairy chest, if we are considering options here). I want my girls to know, deep inside, that they can do ANYTHING they want, regardless if Mommy is good at it or not. In fact, I want them to be good at things I suck at because then they can teach me! I want them to have equal access to everything they ever desire, and I want them to know they can succeed in whatever they set out to succeed in.

When it comes to engineering, and women, pink Legos and TinkerToys do not do it for me. I am SO glad that THIS exists:

This woman, is a genius. Go to and follow on with her progress, preorder her products, SHOW the world that we need this for our little girls, and be the change for the girls in your life. I cannot wait to give these to my little ones, to see them learn and explore, and (let’s be honest) to LEARN from them myself! This woman is SO innovative and progressive in her ideas and her concepts for toys our girls need, and she has nailed it. I urge you to look at this for any little girl (or boy, let’s be honest, they would have fun with it, too) that you know. My only boo-hiss moment on this is that it won’t be ready for Christmas. But it’s ok. Birthdays! Easter! Any Random Wednesday! I support this woman, and I cannot wait for Goldie to be on shelves everywhere! Be a part of the movement now! Tell your kids that you were in on the ground floor, before Goldie was as big as Barbie, and when the world was just finally starting to realize this need for the young women in our lives. I, for one, am SO pumped (can you tell?) about this, and hope you are, too.

Let’s start now to make this obsolete for the girls in our lives…
Be the change…

And how does this make you feel?

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