A post a day? I lose.

Well, friends, I have fallen off the wagon and officially failed at the November Post a Day thing. I have been working so hard as of late with my students and their papers. I have been so tired… It’s ridiculous, really. And I feel like I am letting myself down more than you because I set out to do this all “woohoo I will beat this thing” and I didn’t even last three weeks. Whatever. It beats posting random shit just to say I posted.

So next time I ever say, “yes I can do this post a day thing!” remember that I have now never successfully done it. I have attempted it multiple times, and never once have I actually completed it.

It’s ok. I promise good things to come. I have some topics on deck, but I wanted to apologize for sucking at November’s Post a Day shindig. For now? I need to go to bed.

The exhaustion. It is a killer.

I would like someone to make this for me.
It made me for real laugh out loud…

And how does this make you feel?

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