I have an unhealthy obsession…

And it is with Adam Levine. *purr*

I think that God puts people on this planet to just remind us that He knows exactly what He is doing. And that was totally true when he created Adam Levine. Is this man NOT the whole package?! Really. His voice. His face. His body. I need a cigarette just thinking about him. And I don’t smoke.

He is so sexy, it should be illegal. His voice just does something to me. And then I look at him. And I am stunned to near breathlessness. It totally helps that he is an LGBT rights believer, a liberal, and an Obama supporter. That man would make me support whatever he wanted… for real.

If he were like, “Hey Girl, I like having sex on the ceiling while being watched by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, six Smurfs, and your mom,” I’d be like, “Deal. Let’s do this; I’ve got a rope.” Seriously. As long as he sung something after. lol. Gotta make him sing.

I think it’s healthy to have obsessions with people who are completely unobtainable. And not like, unobtainable due to location. You can always move. But unobtainable due to celebrity status. I will probably never meet Adam Levine (although if it can be arranged, call me). So it feels safe to admire desire him from afar. I follow him on Twitter, and he is really funny. And I love The Voice. But not because I like talent shows based on mediocre singers. I like it because he is on it. I wouldn’t like Maroon 5 if he didn’t sing their songs. He makes tattoos look sexier than any person I have ever seen (except, MAYBE, David Beckham…). I mean, LOOK at this:

Please tell me you are not all hot and bothered by this. You lie if you say you’re not.

He has been called a manwhore because he does things like jumping into bed with one woman shortly after breaking up with another. That’s not manwhoring.
That is being an opportunist.

“Hey Girl, mind if I just crash here and look sexy? No? Cool.”

He can get any woman he wants, I am sure. He probably has. And that’s fine. If I was a single person, and had the sex appeal he has, I’d be all about it. All the time.
Because it would be my Secret Power.

Holy shit. I cannot even put into words how sexy this picture is.


So, some people want to hate. Not I. He’s like number one and a half on my Mulligan List. You know the list. Every married couple (or committed couple) has that list. Where you list like 5 (or 10?) celebrities that it is totally cool for you to hook up with on the off-chance you meet them. You’ve got one. Or you’ve heard of it. Anyway, he’s on mine. Right on top.

He’s so contemplative here. And sexy. Always sexy.

I bet he wakes up sexy.

(Or maybe lets her sleep late.)


So, if he’s number one and a half, who is number one?

Azmarie Livingston. They are a dead heat, in all actuality.
She is so sexy, even draped in maple syrup.
I dig her androgyny. Rumor has it she is dating Raven from That’s So Raven.
Lucky Raven. πŸ˜‰

I mean, really?

I can appreciate her beauty in so many ways..

She should have been ANTM. Period.

Who tops your list? πŸ™‚

And how does this make you feel?

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