Thank you for being a friend…

Is there a greater feeling in this world than friendship? Is there anything better than knowing that you have someone on which you can depend, through thick and thin? To know that someone has your back, all the time, no matter what is the best feeling in the world. What’s even better than feeling this yourself is when you can watch your child experience it for the first time. And that is when you know that the friendships you make are never accidentally made. They are planned and put together by someone other than us, someone bigger than us, and someone who knows what He is doing.

My oldest discovered tonight what it means to be a friend, to have a friend, and how much more fun time can be when spent with a friend. My friends Paige (of babydust diaries fame) and Pete (her amazing husband) came over with their (equally amazing) three (!) kids. I have known Paige for a few years now, and we just have so much damn good stuff in common. We just get together and the world kind of stops, ya know? We just start talking about life and love, parenthood and beliefs, and the time just stands still for us to reconnect. It’s SO refreshing to be around good people. And they are the good people who know me, know my heart, and know my life and still love me anyway (even if I can’t truly convince her that I am really mean and people confuse it for humor). Paige is one of those people who just knows my soul, and as weird as that sounds, I know that we were really meant to be friends. Life brought us together, and I am eternally grateful for that and don’t intend on letting anything separate us. Good or bad, thick or thin, I will always have her back and she mine. This is the good stuff.

Anyway, Caelan decided right away, as soon as they walked in, that she would be little miss social butterfly for the first time ever in her life. She showed their oldest her and her sister’s new scent buddies from Scentsy (ZOMG! I love Scentsy!) and playing ensued. They played outside, inside, upside down, on the floor… It didn’t end. All night, they were laughing, sharing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. They were, for the most part, inseparable. For anyone who knows my kid, this is huge. She barely makes eye contact with children, let alone plays with them, laughing and having a good time. And I was so proud I almost cried (but heaven forbid I get tears in my wine). As I watched them play and talked to Paige, it hit me.

This family of five is supposed to be in my life. This incredible, amazing, wonderful, grounded, and loving family is supposed to be here. In my life. As part of my extended family of friends, they are meant to be. Caelan taught their oldest about leaving diapers behind. And, in return, their child has taught mine about friendship. I watched them laugh with littlest pet shop, tickle torture, run around in circles, and star gaze in my kitchen, and it hit me. This was not an accident. This family being in my house and in my life was planned by someone else altogether. And this, my friends, is truly the good stuff. I hope that they one day are able to know each other’s souls like Paige and I know each other’s. I hope that they have all the good damn stuff in common. Beyond that, I hope that when they get together, time stops and it is just all about them having fun with each other. And I hope that through all the ups and downs, the inevitable heartaches and triumphs, that they love each other anyway.

Tonight, Caelan learned about friendship. And if any of you know her, you know that is the most important lesson she can learn right now. I am so proud of my little girl. I am so thankful for friendships, both big and small. I cannot be more happy for my little girl to have her first official friendship; she could have have chosen a better first friend. I’m one proud and happy momma tonight.

And tonight, for the first time, my little lady understands what that means…

*happy sigh*

And how does this make you feel?

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