Dear Students at My Daughter’s School…

Dear Friends:

Hi. You don’t know me, but you know someone I love so very much. You sit next to her in class, share a snack and a laugh, and get to see her when I don’t. You spend three hours a day with her that I never will. I don’t know if you know how much that means to me. I trust you are kind to her and her to you. She does not tell me much about you yet, but she will one day. And I know that when she does, she will tell me how wonderful you all are.

Today, my special girl got glasses. And I know that it isn’t 1985 and people don’t get made fun of for glasses. Or maybe they do. I don’t know. I would like to think that society has moved on; I know that isn’t always true. I know something about my girl that you don’t: she has a hard time fitting in and making friends. Or maybe you do know that. It’s probably kind of obvious, huh? Anyway, she can sometimes be shy and quiet. She observes a lot, laughs a lot, and loves to learn and work with you all. She’s a gentle soul who accepts people as they are. She doesn’t think twice about how people look, and she never says mean things about what people look like.

Tomorrow she will debut her glasses. She will look a little different to some of you with her glasses. And her daddy and I have gone through a lot of trouble to make this whole glasses thing a HUGE deal! We are showing them off like crazy, and she is so happy to have them. Sometimes looking different can be rough for a kid, and glasses kind of make someone look different to some people. Some of you won’t see them; you will see her. Others may notice. Do you kids say “four eyes” anymore? I hope not.

As her mommy, I am more nervous about this because I know my little lady like I know myself. And I don’t want her to have to go through any more than she has to get to this point. She still has a ways to go socially, and I hope the glasses make her more cool and open to you. I am trying to be confident and cool in front of her, but I know how life can be for someone who may have something different about their appearance. I just ask this: treat my little girl well. She’s nervous about the glasses thing, and she is just getting adjusted to them. I know you are all wonderful citizens of this planet with top notch parents who have raised you to be the all stars you are. So I know I don’t have to ask you to be kind. You know to be kind. You’re awesome.

But, if you don’t mind, for me please talk to her about the glasses. Help her feel good about them. Tell her that she looks good. Tell her you love her glasses. Make her feel like she’s the Queen of Glasses. Talk about who you know that has glasses, and how cool they are. Glasses rock!

I would appreciate it very much. You all mean a lot to me, and I don’t even know you. I know that you have an impact on my little girl when I am not with her, and that makes you special to me. I love her like your families love you. And I hope one day that you are able to know this kind of love for your own children if you decide to have them.

Until then, remember that we are all in this life together.

No one truly exists alone. Your words and actions matter.

Who you are and your kindness mean the world to me.

And this little face with the dried milk mustache means more to me than you could ever know.


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