Sunday Night Snacks

A handful of M&M flavored tidbits to wind up the week….

1. I forgot how much I love DMB. I did not like them in college when it was the Thing To Do. I liked them after and now as an adult. I wasn’t like, “Oh, DMB, speaks to my soul…” I heard that enough. There were no Dave posters on my wall. lol. Lame-O. Nope. I waited until I got older and their sound grew on me. I love ’em.

2. Since Shitty Cake Day things have been better. I’ve remembered that things happen for a reason, and even if we don’t know the reason we have to trust that God has bigger in store. God can dream bigger and do so much more for us than we can do for ourselves, and I have to remember that. I trust in Him and the Universe, and know that the plans for my life that have already been set outweigh my own plans for my life.

3. I am loving my commitment to take weekends off and just enjoy the girls. I looked at some papers today for about fifteen minutes, recorded points, and moved on to fun with the girls. I have to say that since letting go of fluff that was disguised as commitment, I am a lot happier, less stressed, and at ease with myself and my family. Love it. Good feeling.

4. We have decided to rejoin the living world and get UVerse TV back. I love love LOVE my Roku box, but I really miss being able to see things as they happen. And HGTV. And football. And the news. And my shows on daytime TV. With the Roku box, we definitely are more intentional in our TV watching, as you have to select things to watch and watch with purpose. There is no background noise or flipping through. It’s point, select, watch. But I can also do that with regular TV. I know that. So we’ll see how it goes. I don’t necessarily want a higher bill, but it won’t be unmanageable. I am excited and predict I will spend about three and a half hours straight with HGTV on once it is installed Wednesday morning. 🙂

5. I have been thinking a lot about religion. And I know that I am Catholic. I feel it in my soul. I don’t feel it as strongly as I’d like currently. I know we all go through periods of humdrum and then passion, so I am not concerned. I find myself utilizing a lot more of the Buddhist teachings I studied before. I do believe, and this was always a joke, that I am a Buddhist Catholic. In many ways they are so much alike. No one really thinks of it like that. I can see many similarities (and many BLAZING differences!) between the two. I like to combine them both in my everyday life. I’m decidedly more spiritual than religious. And that is FINE with me. 🙂

6. I just killed a spider that I attempted to kill like four nights ago when he got away. He was in plain sight and BAM! Got him. Karma, baby!

7. A friend of mine just called me and we talked for an hour and a half. And it was nice. The kids are in bed, I had no distractions, and really got to talk to her. I forget how quiet it is without the kids sometimes. They definitely provide the soundtrack to my everyday life.

8. I have rediscovered How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and I am obsessed with it. And not just because NPH was my first love.. 😉 It’s such a great show. So smart while being funny, campy while being cute. I dig it.

9. I am going to start working again on that novella I started months ago. With the whole reorganizing of priorities, I have yet to throw in “write novella”. But it’s coming. Soon.

10. I have been thinking a lot of my dreams for my family’s future… And I did some digging for some quotes for a friend and came up with some good ones. I have inspiration for a tattoo (like I don’t have enough inspiration. I would have eleven tattoos if I ever followed through on the inspiration…) from one of them. I will share it below.

When I read this, it literally took my breath away.

I believe this is my life verse.

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