The problem with me.

The problem with me is that I am passionate. And I am driven. And I am smart. The problem with me is that sometimes my smartly driven passion overcomes my patience and when things don’t happen the way I’d like, I get a little disappointed. I was handed a big ol’ disappointment sandwich this evening. My proposal wasn’t accepted where I work due to lack of promise to be able to sustain the venture in the future. That’s fine. It’s the economy. We’re all waiting for the election so everyone can breathe again. And spend. Or save. Whatever. Either way, this news was the first real disappointment there that I have gotten, and hopefully I won’t have another one for a long time. LONG TIME. Hear that, universe!? GOT IT?!

You know what? Sometimes? It’s ok to get a little pissed. And discouraged. And vent a little bit. And let it go. And not everyday is going to be amazing. And this evening, I got some less than amazing news. But you know what? I vented a bit, I will get over it. We renamed today Shitty Cake Day, and we’re on with it. I’m disappointed, I’m annoyed, and I am frustrated with the hand I was dealt today. Or not dealt, as it actually is. But whatever.

This reminds me that I have greater things calling me. I don’t want to be “just this” or “just that.” I want to be THIS and THAT and EVERYTHING ELSE. I want to BE great. I WILL be great. Shit. I AM great! I have to remember that each door that closes presents a window that opens. And I have to be ready to grab the next kite out of the next window. It isn’t what disappointment does to us that matters; it’s what we choose to do with disappointment. Me? I vented. Laughed. Got it off my chest. And I am working on moving on.

Because this girl? I am not a quitter. This girl? I get it done. I may not get it done now, but that’s ok. I will. And tonight? This girl is drinking wine at nine, with her dinner. And Lord knows, I deserve this glass. Bottle?

I work too damn hard to let this one little hiccup stop me.

And that is a fact.

1 thought on “The problem with me.

  1. And I cried. A bit. At home. Alone. Not there. But know that happened. It’s important to cry and let real feelings out. It’s hard sometimes to be the one who is always, “yeah, whatever. Life is good. Rock and roll. FABULOUS!” Sometimes. It just is easier to cry.

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