I would be remiss if i didn’t talk about this day today. I don’t think it matters who you are, where you are from, what your life looked like… if you are an American, your life was changed forever on 9/11/01. It’s just what happened. And I know people who are all hard ass about it, like, “9/11 didn’t change me! Can’t get me! Terrorists don’t affect me.” Well, guess what? They do. And they did. This whole country stood still for an entire day…almost an entire week. We watched the unthinkable happen, the planes…the towers fell… the debris…

the victims. Falling Man who will forever haunt my dreams on unexpected nights when I am sleeping soundly, I see those images and I absolutely cold sweat wake up..almost screaming “NO! DON’T!”
I don’t know him, but I still feel like maybe I could save him. Which makes no sense at all, but it’s in my dreams…

The aftermath. The President. The clean up. The missing people… families crying on TV. “BRING MY BABY HOME!” “I miss my Daddy…please come home…” “I can’t believe I didn’t even get to say goodbye…”

The details. Phone calls released. The tapes… the screams, noises…the rage…the confusion.

The ache.

We all ached. For a long time. Sure, it was a numb ache, and then it became a pissed off ache. A “why did this even have to happen?” ache. An ache with no cure. Bush said the cure was war. Fight the enemy. Can’t back down.

It didn’t make sense. Still doesn’t. But whatever. Not my place.

We watched the tearing down of the debris. The absolute chaos. The giant hole that was left in a city that we all love. That we all belonged to, if even for a short time. America WAS New York City. Americans were united. Nothing like that had happened before, so we banded together because alone, we’d fall apart.

I know where I was. I know how I felt. And I feel it today. The hole in NYC has been filled with a memorial. The media runs shows, documentaries… I watch them all. I’m obsessed, need to know more, have to see it all… have to be like a sponge for the pain….I want to take it all away… I can’t, but that’s always how I am. Let me hurt instead of you. I can take it.

The hole in our lives may never be patched up. It didn’t affect a few of us, it affected all of us. How we live. Travel. Laugh. And love. How we speak *or it should have anyway.* I remember. You remember. We all do.

We all remember. For them. These are the faces of 9/11…
For them, we can never forget.

God Bless this Country…

And how does this make you feel?

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