Ah, Fall…

There is something to be said about the way seasons affect people. Some people get all spring cleany, feeling the energy of the change of the seasons, and all of that stuff around spring. Not me. Well, I do I suppose. But not as much as I do around fall time. I am absolutely in love with everything fall has to offer, from boots and leggings to candy corn and pumpkin patches. I get all snuggly, cozy, motivated to clean up and rid my house and life of all garbage that has accumulated, and really feel like myself. I was made for this season. I like to forget in September that by November it will be winter weather. I am hoping this year it will not be, since this summer has been so schizophrenic.

Fall makes me happy. It makes me feel productive while being lazy. I love every single fall scent, from pumpkin to leaves and trees to cinnamon. I love all of it. And the smell in the air in fall is one that cannot be replicated. I love fall because fall means FOOTBALL!! And I can watch my favorite sport. I like to do fall things with the kids, from fall art projects to things outside of the house. I hope to do a lot of fun fall things with my little family this year. I want to go to pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple orchards, Boo at the Zoo, and all of the annoyingly cute family things that you’re supposed to do when you have kids. I want to jump in leaves and enjoy watching my girls enjoy the season. I know this time with them, like the season of fall, won’t last forever. Soon they will be too cool to hang out with their parents, or they will have school events that demand their time. I will enjoy this fall with them, and every single one they allow me to.

Fall makes me feel romantic. I feel snuggly and cozy. I want to sit around and watch movies, read books, drink cider and hot chocolate… all with my husband with me. We don’t even have to be doing the same thing, and we usually aren’t. I just like being alone with him, in the same room, enjoying his presence. I know we don’t get a lot of time to do that uninterrupted, so I try to take advantage of it as much as I can.

Today in Ohio, it feels like fall. The weather is a brisk 66 degrees, says my Swackett app. And it has been raining all morning. It is gloomy with a touch of sun, and the breeze coming in the windows feels amazing. I have a candle lit, and I cleaned the house this morning. I am having a small gathering of people here later, so that was motivation, but it also needed done. There has to be some science to the notion that having a clean house makes you feel better. Having everything in order, clearing out some of the chaos, really brings peace to my mind. Even if it isn’t 100% spotless, if I can get the clutter under control and clear off the surfaces, I’m set. I also cleaned out Caelan’s room and purged a trashbag of toys and added to the recycle bins. It is ridiculous how much stuff kids accumulate. We made a deal that for the next month, we will pick up her toys every night before bed so that cleaning becomes a habit. I am really good at letting clutter just be clutter, but I need to make a concerted effort to stop it. My girls are also learning what a home should look like, and I don’t want them to think it’s okay for it to be messy all the time. I wasn’t raised in a house where things were messy; I don’t want them to be either.

Fall. I love fall.

This looks like Heaven…

I know this is probably photoshopped, but it’s SO pretty…

Just breathtaking…

My favorite… I would LOVE this view in the morning or evening. Or hell, anytime…

What is YOUR favorite thing about the fall?? 🙂

And how does this make you feel?

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