Truckasaurus the Not-So-Brave

In general, my dog is afraid of everything. He is a five year old Golden Retriever, and is about as big as you can get for a Golden. He has always been afraid of everything. A noise near his dog bowl will send him on a starving spree for a week. A laundry basket in the living room is enough to make him not enter. He has a healthy respect for boundaries and has no idea that he is actually taller than the fence we use to keep him contained outside. One strong leg up, and he’s gone. Would he ever try it? Probably not. Squeaky toys give him fits. He really is afraid of everything.

Storms send him reeling. Hot air balloons make him nuts. And fireworks are his least favorite thing ever. Hall of Fame weekend is always FUN for him, and we hedge bets on how many he will actually live through without needing doggie Xanax. Fourth of July celebrations are another point of contention for him. He usually hides beside our bed. Or he will hide by the door that leads to our garage. He doesn’t ever just lay out in the open on the floor while it is storming. It’s like he does not know he is safe inside. Like the thunder is going to come in and get him or something. Like thunder doesn’t have better things to do.

Tonight, when we got home from fireworks, Shawn and Caelan went in to brush her teeth, as they do nightly together. And Shawn found this in the tub….

80 lbs of big, manly dog sissy pants…

You don’t think I’m coming out there, do you?

Do you think the thunder can see me!?

I’m just going to lay here next to this drain. Yep. That’s fine with me.

One would think that he was beaten at some point by a thunder stick. Or that he has had some sort of trauma. Nope. He’s just a big sissy Golden. He’s not known for his protector instinct. He doesn’t even bark. I’ve probably heard him bark, like for real bark, 5 times in his life. 5. Really.Way to go, Dog of the House.

I just pray no one tries to break in. He’d let them take whatever they wanted without even warning us.

Heaven help us if it’s storming at the same time…

1 thought on “Truckasaurus the Not-So-Brave

  1. He sure is cute, though! (p.s. He’s still in there…I believe he intends to sleep there.)

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