Four sounds very, very old…

For some reason, I am having a hard time with Caelan turning four next week. It seems like four is the new… what? 50?! I don’t know. But four seems very old, very mature.

I prayed a lot today, as I often do, and as I was talking to God, I said, “Three was a miracle and four is a gift.” As soon as the words came out of me, I was stunned. I was like, wow! I’m profound! LOL And I didn’t mean it in a douchebag way, it just had never hit me how I really felt about it until I prayed about it. Isn’t it crazy how so much of life is like that? Well, four IS a gift. And one I don’t take for granted.

You all know (well, maybe) the struggles we had with Caelan. And when she turned three, she seemed to be turning the corner with eating. This year, with everything from eating to preschool, has been the best year of that little girl’s life. And now, I kind of don’t want to let it go. Not because I don’t want her to grow up (because trust me, I accept it and welcome it), but because I don’t want to leave three and have any uncertainty about four. We already know that the eating could be a problem for the rest of her life, and she has good days and bad days with it. But really, this four year is all about change. She’s going to a new preschool, which is in our district, and starting the whole “on her way to big girl school” thing. I am still holding out hope that we may get her into a Montessori program that is local for Kindergarten to start out if that is the way she leans, but for now, we are all about our district. I don’t love the district, but we live here and that’s that.

This four year is also all about change in that she wants to start doing things like playing soccer, and taking regular dance classes, and now I feel she is really ready for that kind of thing. Socially she is much better than she had been. Trust me, she still has her moments. In all, though, she’s much more social than before (she will finally acknowledge kids and want to play with them, which is huge, as an example). She also has taken more responsibilities around the house, on her own accord. And I am not letting that stop LOL. Ever. 🙂 She’s finally, almost, becoming a kid! It’s crazy! She has her “mini adult moments” daily, but she’s doing kid things in between. And that is refreshing.

I will do an official birthday post, but I have to say that I am sad to see three go. I liked three, even with the attitude. She came out of her shell at three. She started learning who she is at three. And she started wanting to be a “kid” at three.

I’m sure she’ll be even better at four (maybe less attitude?)

I know, I know… I need to let it go and get ready for four. It’s coming. Ready or not.

And how does this make you feel?

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