Forgive me, blogosphere, for I have sinned. I feel like I need to confess some things tonight, so let’s do this. Only God can judge me, but you all might as well have a good laugh.

1. My lack of patience for my own children is starting to manifest into a lack of patience for other people’s children also. No kid is exempt, whether I know said child or not.

2. I miss a lot of my friends who I don’t talk to as much. I kind of yearn for the days when we had no responsibilities besides talking on the phone.

3. I see people sometimes who I don’t know who have children, and think, “Wow, they should have never had children.” And then, I can only assume that they are thinking the same thing about me.

4. I wish I drank as much wine as I talk about drinking. Or even thought about drinking.

5. Since owning a dog, I am less of a dog person than I thought I was.

6. I love my children more than life itself. That being said, I have those moments of, “What was I thinking?” about four times a week. I blame the whole lack of wine lushing.

7. I think the people who told me when we were discussing having a third child, “You would never regret having another child,” really don’t know me that well. lol. I think I would.

8. That being said, I do not regret having the two gorgeous girls I have now. My life is not my life without them.

9. I seriously love my husband, and sometimes am jealous of him when he gets to walk out of the house and go to work for eight hours of bliss peace hard work without the girls.

10. I am glad I am teaching this summer, for multiple reasons.

11. I am also thankful to God for the renewed sense of passion I have for my business. It took me a little bit, but I am back and ready to get down to it!!

12. I am more okay now with God controlling my path than I ever have been. For those of you who know me, you know that’s huge.

13. My daughter told me I am mean today. She didn’t have a reason, just that I am mean sometimes. Part of me was like, Yes! I’m doing my job. While the other part of me wanted to hug her so tight and promise never to do anything she thinks could be mean again. I knew I would break that promise, so I stuck with the Victory Speech.

14. I really need motivation and time to write more on the novella I started months ago. I miss creativity.

15. I bitch about him sometimes, but I honestly do not know where I would be without my husband.

16. I want a full time position, like, yesterday. I know good things will happen, and I need to work more than I hope. I know that I work hard.. it will come. I need to be zen.

17. I suck at zen.

18. I wish I was more patient. Perhaps that will come with zen.

19. I’m starting to secretly like my house. Finally. I’ve only lived here four and a half years. lol. It is starting to finally feel like home.

20. That being said, I’d sell tomorrow if a gorgeous lakefront property became affordable and available.

21. I don’t understand people who live beyond their means. We all have moments of that, sure, but some people make it a lifestyle. Annoyance ensues.

22. I feel alive while I am at work. I could never be a stay at home mom. Stay at home moms are the superheroes of this world.

23. I want a kitten.

24. If Menchie’s delivered, I’d weigh about 400 lbs.

25. I’d also be broke.

Now, who wants to bring me some FroYo? 🙂

And how does this make you feel?

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