Summer-summer-summer time!!

So, as you all know, this is my first summer break as an instructor. It also happens to be my first summer break since the fall of 2010 when I started graduate school. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, you’re welcome. Now you do. Anyway, I am sure that a lot of you are under the impression that I don’t know how to relax; I told you I don’t. Well, somehow in this past week I have found my relaxation mode. And I LOOOOVE it. 🙂 I have been spending some excellent QT with my little princesses. I have spent some excellent time with my mother-in-law who is in town from El Paso for the birth of my niece (who can come any freaking day, now!). I have spent some wonderful time with just myself. And I forgot how lovely my own company can be sometimes.

I have had those moments with my girls where I just cannot believe that God entrusted me to be their mommy. I just cannot believe that they belong to me, that they are in my life, and that my husband and I created two of the most wonderful things on the planet. I look at Caelan and I cannot believe that she will be four in a month and a half. FOUR!! What in the hell happened to the time, friends? I can tell you: it left town. I have been reminded of why I love my husband so much, and how excellent our families are. I have had time to reflect upon my blessings, and let me tell you, I am blessed more than I ever would have imagined…

This, however, will not last. June 4th starts summer session, and by the grace of God and whoever dropped it I was able to pick up a summer class. That will be a relief. I cannot imagine four months without pay working. I also cannot imagine four months with just me and the girls. My class will last until July 29, which is perfect. I am teaching three days a week, three hours a day. Perfect. It’s JUST enough to get out of the house and into the groove. It will keep me sane. I will also be working on creating my fall curriculum and incorporating sustainability into my classroom, which is going to be AWESOME. I already have such a solid game plan; I just need to write it out and submit it. I also get paid a little extra for that. My job, it’s ridiculously cool, ya’ll.

I will have about a month with the girls, a trip to El Paso, and just some fun time before school starts again. We are kicking around some ideas for some family activities to do, including hitting up some baseball games, zoos, water parks, hiking and canoeing, and bowling!! And of course, Hall of Fame festivities! It will be an awesome summer. I know it. I have such a good feeling going into this summer. And though I will miss some fun things, like my Premier Designs Rally in Dallas (it starts on Caelan’s fourth birthday, and I just cannot miss her birthday), the things I will be doing are so epic and wonderful. I am hoping to have some time to reconnect with my husband, to relax with my girls, and to just be. That is what summer is for: kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying every precious moment before the grind of the fall creeps up.

How about you, friends? What are your plans for the summer? Exotic vacations? Family plans? Staycations? Doing a whole lot of nothing aside from enjoying loved ones? Let’s talk summer!!

I get to spend every single day with these two… I am, by far, beyond blessed… ❤ my ladies. Always.

And how does this make you feel?

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