Bath and Body Works Rocks my Socks…

This is not a deep, meaningful post. This isn’t even a post that many of you will get anything from. I think from time to time I should not be so serious and just talk about silly things. 🙂 Like, my insane love for Bath and Body Works.

Now, Bath and Body Works (BBW for the remainder of this entry) is a store of many wonders. It has lotion (which I can no longer use since they put shea butter in all of them now, and I am allergic), soap, shower gel and a myriad of other goodies. The store is always well lit, and the associates are always somewhere between chipper and annoyingly chipper. I don’t know if working there can make someone that happy, but I’d like a cup of whatever they drink every morning. When I walk into BBW, it is like an adult version of Disney World. I love their candles and think that putting Slatkin in there was a game changer. Yankee Candle no longer has anything to offer me (save that Midsummer Night candle, which I lovingly refer to as “Man Whore Smell”) now that Slatkin has moved into BBW. Their Co Bigelow line, while a BIT overpriced, is amazingly luscious.

I don’t wear perfume, usually, and prefer cologne. You know, Man Whore Smell. 🙂 Scent meant for men smells better on me than scents made for women. It’s just in my chemical makeup. AND, friends: I am OBSESSED with the BBW Signature Scent, Twilight Woods for men. I wear it all the time. Well not always, but it’s my go-to. I pair it sometimes with the women’s Twilight Woods, and whoa mama! That’s a smell I absolutely rock. If they ever discontinue either scent, I shall cry. Profusely. And then have to spend $296 on eBay for it, because I love it so much. If you have the chance to see me out somewhere, smell me. It’s ok. I give you permission. It’s a good thing. Warning: Prepare to want to go to BBW and buy the combo yourself…

I went to BBW tonight and… wait for it.. they had Twilight Woods for men, IN the little hand sanitizer packs. HOLY SMOKES! It was like winning Bingo! I was so excited, I bought the 5 for $5. lol. I cannot get enough of that smell, and now, I won’t have to!! Hahaha. 🙂 I also had to get one of those ridiculously cute hand sanitizer thingies that hold the sanitizer on the handle of my Miche Prima Bag (more on that obsession in another post… trust me… Miche bags are a lifestyle, not simply a handbag). And the sales at BBW always make it worth the short jaunt into the store. I never leave there unhappy. 🙂

Tonight, I have to say it was BBW, FTW!

And how does this make you feel?

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