Tuesday Night Ramblings…

Because I have nothing profound to say, but little snippets of things I want to say, here’s a laundry list of what’s on my brain.

1. Today, Encylopedia Britannica announced it is going to stop printing the Encyclopedia. You know what’s sad, I didn’t even know they were still in print! Ha. I guess I assumed they were, but never really looked into it. I am not sad by this. Because like I said on a good friend’s facebook page today about this that the only people who would be sad about this are the “people who refuse to use “that computer” and “that email” because they’ve managed to make it to 2012 and been ignorant of all changes and advances since the polio vax.” I mean, yes I am a bibliophile. I am also a techniphile (word?). I love books. I love them so much I use one as a wallet. However, I also appreciate that I can put my books on my iPad and get just as much enjoyment. I’m not one of those, “I like to smell the paper” people. I used to be. Until I got an iPad. Now, I like to swipe the screen.

2. My children make me happy this week. Which is nice. They always make me happy, I suppose. I guess this week they make me not lose my ever-loving mind. They’re pretty damn cute. And whip-smart. That little one, oh we are still praying she uses her powers for good and not evil. It could go either way. She is so stubborn it is ridiculous. She CAN walk. She just doesn’t. She CAN say certain things. She just doesn’t. She’s stubborn. I have no idea who she got that from…

3. I ate the last Tagalong this morning. And then had a moment of silence for my loss. I feel so empty without that orange box in my cupboard… I will just have to start eating things like fruits and veggies again. Dang it.

4. I am a Titanic Junkie (weird?) and I am absolutely obsessed with the centennial being this year. I am going to have to make my parents DVR all the specials for me, since we Roku only. I ingest everything I can read about it, watch about it…anything. I am the same way with 9/11 and the Holocaust. All three of them make me so incredibly sad, but I am so addicted to knowing everything there is to know about them… It’s really a sickness. And I don’t even need to know it to quote it or talk about it, I just need to know it for myself. There has to be a term for people like me aside from Weirdo. Maybe not. I am that person who wishes knowledge came in caplets that I could just swallow and know everything there is to know about something. I truly am a research and education junkie. Maybe the term for me is Perpetual Student. Life Student. Nah, it’s probably safe to assume it is Weirdo.

5. My future sister in law gave me some news today that makes me sad for close-minded people. It hurts my heart. Why don’t people accept love as love and leave it at that? … I would pray for them, but I really don’t think it would help.

6. I started writing again, kind of. I feel like a loser because I was all Gung Ho about it and I haven’t had the time to look at it or develop it much since I started. It’s good, really really good. I just need the chance to sit down and purge it all out. That was the difference between writing as a singleton, holing myself up in my room and feverishly writing, thinking I was cooler than the school because I was a Writer. I had panache. I had style. I was down with my bad self (yes I just said that). Now, it’s like I have responsibilities and have to be accountable to people and it’s all too sucky for the creative vibe. Oh well, I won’t let time deter me. I have always been a talented, solid writer (again, it’s not bragging. This is the one thing I have never questioned myself in…) and now I need to allow for life to happen alongside creation. Ah to be 21 and carefree again… hahahaha THAT whole chapter of my life will make an excellent part of my memoir, should I choose to write one (oddly I have been approached about taking that challenge on, and really, I have no desire for that at this time).

7. Yogurt is one of the fruits of the gods.

That is all I have tonight, folks.
Be kind to one another. This one life is all we have. Hate kills. Love heals.

I have been listening to Bob Marley nonstop for two days. I feel this needs to be left here tonight…

And this:

B is for Bob, friends…

That is a sexy man, right there. That is all I am going to say about that…

And how does this make you feel?

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