I love you like a love song, baby…

I can’t help it, Selena Gomez is adorable and her music is catchy.

see? adorable! told you.

Speaking of catchy, I have had about 1627 ideas flying around my head lately, and I like to call them my little butterflies. I haven’t been able to really grasp them, since I haven’t had time to breathe in the last six weeks, but I think I am going to start giving them more attention in the weeks to come. I have ideas for stories that pop into my head, out of nowhere and keep me up at night. I have created characters and dialog. I have constructed plots that range from the romantic to the macabre. I have made new towns and cities, much grander than any I have ever visited. And soon, all of them can come out to play. Won’t that be fun?

When I get an idea stuck in my head, I tend to want to work it through to fruition. I don’t like to let it sit there. Know why? Because it won’t let me let it sit there. It nags on me, begging me to please send it somewhere, make it say something, make it dance and sing… because if it sits there, it may die. So, in my head still (I do not have time to put it on paper, and I am afraid if I start, I won’t be able to stop), I start playing with it. Forming it. Making it do what it wants to do. And that’s when the fire starts in me. That’s when I realize….

I am still a writer. I just don’t have time to write.

Sometimes, with everything else I have going on, I feel like my creative energy just gets stuck on idle, and I fear it won’t come back. But it is energy. It never really goes away. It gets transferred into other things until I need it and am ready for it. I can’t imagine the amazing stuff I will be creating once I have a minute to myself to write. I could just very well blow my own mind. I haven’t written anything creative in years. Isn’t that sad? Well, give me about a week and a half, and it’s on. I am so excited for that, that I am considering joining a writer’s guild. Or something. I tried to join once, and I wasn’t able to make the meetings. Maybe now, with my Capstone almost behind me, I can…

I can do great things with words, I just need the time to play…

Author’s Edit: I got this little ditty when I hit “PUBLISH” and I love it: The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. It’s so true!!

And how does this make you feel?

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