Resolutions involve way too much commitment.

Hi friends! Been a while, eh? I told you I need a little more self discipline when it comes to this bloggy blog here. Sorry, been a little crazy busy. Prepping things for the upcoming semester. Prepping things for my final Capstone project (have I mentioned I finish my Master’s in February? 2.26.12 to be exact…lol). Trying to avoid the whole, “New Years Resolution Post” because I didn’t make any this year. I don’t like the commitment and guilt involved with resolutions. I never go through with them, because by February I have forgotten that I gave up chocolate, and I eat a bag of Hershey’s kisses to indulge what I have been denying myself. Nonsense for me. Some people can do it and I give them kudos? Me, I’m too much of a commitment-phobe for that. It’s far too long-term.

I kind of make little goals for myself throughout the year. And this month, I am focusing, once again, on ways to save money.

I want to start becoming serious again about coupons. I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person who cuts coupons, and then forgets them. Or cuts them and lets them expire. Or who thinks about cutting them and then sees something shiny and forgets all about what I was doing. That’s me. Right there. However, if done right, coupons can save a ton of money. And I need to start doing them right. Not half-assing them like, “oh I have this coupon, I should use it”  but, “Hey I cut these bad boys out! Let’s shop!” I actually made a point to cut coupons out and get them ready for a trip to BJs, and I saved $40. That was awesome. Like, mind-blowingly awesome. I had every intention of saving more, but I wanted to bank some coupons for the next trip, before they expire. Because I let them expire all the time, and then I curse myself for being so wasteful, of both my time of cutting them out and my money that could have been saved. I like BJs because they allow me to use manufacturer coupons AND their coupons. And that’s awesome. I need some good couponing websites, so friends please feel free to share.

I want to do better with these:

I want to have time for one of these:

I will never have this (and that’s more than okay):

I also just revolutionized the way my family will get their entertainment and watch television. I ordered a Roku box. Now, I know a lot of people who have this amazing device, and they say it is a real game changer. I have been considering it for some time, and we are going to give it a 30 day trial period. I like that it is cheap, it has free channels and can work with hulu or netflix. I am already a member of netflix, and have enjoyed hulu programming previous to now, so I really think this will be good. It will break us out of our rut of watching the same 8 shows on Nick Junior during the time my children get to watch TV and will allow Shawn and I to expand our options when we actually get to watch TV. I am looking forward to it. Keep your eye out for my review. Have a Roku? Tell me about it!

Reusable gift bags… I have a ton of them. I never use them. This is also going to be an area where I improve.
Recycling, also. I suck at it. I am planning on stopping the suckage and starting to do it again regularly.

I also started a 365 Day Devotional through the Bible. That’s been fun. And interesting. I don’t know anything about the Bible, and so I figure I need to teach myself. And I am. AND I haven’t missed a day yet! That’s huge lol.

I need a blogging assignment daily. Like, something to write about. I want to start writing more, because I am pretty good at it. Perhaps I will get some sort of “Writing Prompt a Day” type of thing and start sharing some of that on here. Would give me something to write about besides my boring everyday life, right? Anyone have one of these Prompt a Day things? Where does one obtain such an item? Online? That would be nice…save paper and all. Perhaps I shall Google.

What about you? Monthly goals? Yearly goals? Resolutions? Hit me with your best shot.

And how does this make you feel?

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