2011 was the best year of my life. Bar none.

New Year’s is upon us and I have a cluster of busy days coming up, so I won’t be around to play Blogger McBloggerson for a bit. I want to get this out of the way now. 🙂

2011 was pretty much the best year of my life. I can’t even put down everything that happened that was good, but trust me. It was. A lot of my friends had horrible years this year, and I just didn’t. It makes me feel a little like a jerkbag, but at the same time, I was due a fantastic year! I mean, I have worked so hard for so much, for SO long, and everything kind of came to fruition in 2011. I haven’t been fortunate enough to have much handed to me, and that includes learning things the hard way. This year, though, rocked my socks. I hear you all chanting, “recap…recap!” And who am I to not give the people what they want? 😉

In 2011 I (In no particular order):
1. Obtained my dream job. Like, for real, head over heels, in love with this job. Every minute, every assignment, every….everything. I was meant to be a teacher and I cannot believe some days that this is my reality. For real, people. Dig it. Planning for an amazing 2012 at the college. Cannot wait to see what it has in store for me.

2. Became a mommy again to a wonderful, spunky, stubborn little sleepless monster. And in that process, I overcame some pretty heavy health obstacles, and my heart is all the stronger for the fight. It got sketchy, pals. Ellery and I fought the good fight, and I became confident in my abilities not only as a mom, but as a human being, in overcoming any obstacle that I may face. When you are staring down the barrel of a possible stroke for months at a time, and you make it through unscathed, you have a new appreciation for the little things, friends. (as an aside, I also realized that I do not want any more children lol)

3. Was in the same room as Lady Gaga. I can’t even expand on that…it was…awe-inspiring

4. I renewed my commitment to fight for those who have little to no voice and are defenseless. I just … need to be with people, helping them. From my students, to the LGBT youth, to the kids in Africa who need food… I have renewed my commitment to not give up the fight for others.

5. Fell in love even more, everyday, with my husband.

6. Saw strength in Caelan when frankly, I didn’t think she had much more fight in her. SHE is my hero, folks. To make it through what she has, and to be not only surviving, but thriving, like she is can only be attributed to God, prayers, and her own will to keep going. It got scary folks, and was for a while, but you know what? In 2011, she showed us all what she is capable of. She started eating, she started growing, she grew hair (!!), she grew up, she became…a miracle. It makes me cry, even today, to think of how far she has truly come. She kicked the odds and the illness in the teeth, and I can only hope that the future continues to be this successful for her…

7. Started a pretty cool business on the side, that is full of beautiful amazing hope. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead…

8. Saw my husband find a career (!!) that he not only loves, but he needed so desperately to be able to break away from what he had known for 10 years. He is successful, happy and I cannot wait to see what success he continues to have through this adventure.

9. Became an iFan. I am iObsessed lol.

10. Saw my friends have successes that I could cheer them through, moments I could lift them up through, and times we will never forget… I would not be anywhere without my friends (even if I have not seen a lot of you in a very, very long time. Know that I miss you, I value you and we WILL get together before I go back to work on the 17th)

11. Rededicated my life. To a lot more than just God. That’s huge.

12. Made new friends. For life. Hi, guys!

13. Turned 30!!

14. Grew up a bit more than I expected.

15. Became okay with my grandma not being here. And after 13 years, I knew it had to come sometime. And I am glad it came when it did. I miss you, Grandma Alice. ❤

16. Realized I do not, in fact, hate flying. How about that?

Ok, I said I would keep it brief, and Lord knows I could go on and on and on…This year was incredible for me, for my family and for my life. How about you? Hits/misses of 2011? Come on, now, don’t be shy. I want to hear it. Recap it!!

And how does this make you feel?

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