Twelve Days of Christmas, Day Five: The Trimmings…

We finally decorated the tree!! And since we have a mantle this year, I got to decorate that!
Maybe I won’t be a big old bah-humbug after all…

Caelan really enjoyed helping out. As I am sure you all can imagine. The tree is a trainwreck sight to behold on the bottom quarter. She had a blast piling on the ornaments and giggling, dancing to Christmas tunes. I didn’t have the heart to change any of it, and it is basically her tree anyway, so it will be as it is. And I think it’s gorgeous. She does, too lol. We buy a new ornament each year for Caelan (and now, Ellery, of course) so that when they have their own place, they have their own ornament selection to take with them. Nice of us, right? Also, this is the first year we have monogrammed stockings, and they will be able to keep them. I don’t know if I am doing this for sentimentality’s sake, or just to ensure that this stuff is out of my house when they are, but I’ll go with it!

What’s your deco style? Traditional? Do the kids help, or do you do it yourself? Do you try new things every year, or stick with the same old?

And how does this make you feel?

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