Twelve Days of Christmas, Day Three: The School Christmas Program…

Double post day!! Just doing it to stay caught up.

Today, I toast the School Christmas Program. I always wanted to be the star of something like this when I was in school. The only problem was, I could not sing and I have no natural acting ability. I was always stuck being one of Santa’s helpers, an errant tree in a field or a present. The best year was when I was the present. I got to sit in a box. On stage. And not say or do anything. It was Oscar-worthy, I tell you.

I always had stage dreams of being “The Littlest Angel” where I would sing and strut, flapping my fifth grade angel wings in the breeze with the mechanical fan blowing my tightly-curled spiral-permed mushroom hair in the breeze. Yet, these dreams were not to be. I always wondered what would happen if I DID land one of those roles. Would my parents be proud of me? Embarrassed (since I could not sing)? Would I be proud of me? I don’t know, I don’t think I would have been happy in the spotlight. While it can be said that from time to time, I have been known to be quite the lover of attention, it isn’t because I want to be the center of attention. I like being recognized, but I do not always like the limelight. I think being a teacher has brought me into a more comfortable place with all that, but that isn’t the point tonight, folks. Oh No. Let’s get back to the show…

Today was Caelan’s Christmas program at school. And it was RIDICULOUSLY cute. I am so proud of that little munchkin, and once I can figure out how to save videos from Facebook, I will post them here for you to enjoy lol. She did SUCH a good job. She has really come into her own this year so far, and today was a fine example of that. She sang, she danced, she pointed, she made toys…she was a one-girl Christmas extravaganza!! And I cried. A lot. Because not too long ago, things weren’t looking too hot for our little fighter, and to see that she is not only surviving, but THRIVING, is more than I could ever dream of. Her personality and her spunk are meant for things like the School Christmas Program, because she is a natural-born drama queen and quite the attention hog. šŸ™‚ She makes me proud everyday, not only to know her, but to love her as her mommy.

Funniest moment of the day? She saw one of her teachers who had been out sick for a while, and she SCREAMED at me *with a VERY red face from screaming so loud*, “MOMMY! LOOK! MISS AMANDA IS NOT SICK ANYMORE!” She was so happy to see her Miss Amanda that she kept waving at her and yelling, “HI MISS AMANDA!” even though Miss Amanda didn’t even see her. She was so excited, I couldn’t help but laugh.

How about you? Any fun Christmas Program stories? Any unfilled Christmas Program dreams?


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